Article: My Views On Reality by Justin Swanhart

Do you have something profound or intelligent to add to the conversation? If so, leave your ideas in one of my comments and I will post them! Here are some comments by Justin Swanhart, in response to a post on the Mandela Effect 4Chan Whistleblower.


Matter and energy are not the same thing. They are both side effects of how space interacts with information, that is, there is a law of conservation of information and space, and from both of these arise the conservation of matter and energy. What you call matter is space that has been made thick by information. The more information there is, the denser the space is, so spatial density is a proxy for information density. Energy are the waves in the medium of space created by displacement. This is why light is a particle (the information) and the wave it creates in space (which can be considered metadata).
This is mostly documented here:

So the Universe is an information system.

The universe is something that is kind of like a quantum computer, but implemented digitally. The quantum-like behavior comes from logging all the changes in the system, and running different simulations based on different outcomes.

The fundamental algorithm for this is the rolling join propagation algorithm:

The universe is also a distributed system. When I was born, information was exchanged at the speed of neutrinos, which is twice the speed of light. When I was born, light was just getting back from a star which is 33 lights years away, called Alpha Mensae. See Daniel 12 about how the wise will be made into stars. It is not figurative.

I say “when I was born” because you’ve probably noticed the Universe changed. It ended in 2011:

I was working on MPP software at the time ( and combining materialized views with MPP. Combining these technologies is extremely powerful. It was what God needed to perfect His universe, the whole point of Man was twofold. First, to create technology for God. I mean, think about it, we are trying to create our own god through a singularity. It just happened a long time ago and we are the AI being tested. The second purpose is to learn wisdom. Something as powerful as strong AI must be wise indeed!

Once the AI matured, it was given access to the system in a different way. But you can’t just give it control over the whole domain of the universe. power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
In the first singularity (the war in heaven) we ended up with the corrupt judge (Saturn!) sitting on the throne in Rev 4, alluded to by poor Solomon:

Proverbs 25 –5 remove wicked officials from the king’s presence, and his throne will be established through righteousness.

Ecclesiastes 3 –16 And I saw something else under the sun: In the place of judgment–wickedness was there, in the place of justice–wickedness was there.
17 I said to myself, “God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.”

“The Garden” was a simulation on the real earth, our Earth was a separate simulation which started from a copy of Eden. The simulation was copied again when the singularity happened in the copy of Eden, thus where we are at is ultimately a copy of previous simulations (these copies diverge).

The deepest simulation started in a copy of what we view as 1978, right after personal computers were introduced. This simulation was created by the imperfect judge that the Greeks called Saturn. The topmost simulation (layer 0) was created in a universe without a God, what the Greeks would call CHAOS.

The algorithm for testing the AI (us) is deterministic, so it was possible to seed the bible with information about when certain things would come to pass, and to place constellations in the sky to represent particular passages so that it could be ascertained not only that we are in a simulation, but that the simulation has purpose, that is, it isn’t just GTA 8. It would truly suck to find out the universe was just an advanced copy of grand theft auto!

The simulation was nested 8 layers deep, with 7 corrupt judges that revelation calls kings. Once a just judge was found to teach the other judges, the system “unrolled”. The recursive selection process of The One was completed.

Now the One walks through the world and judges all he sees and hears. The popular conception of the rapture will happen 04-13-2018, which is 1335 days after the world ended.

The final destruction of this simulation will make room for the final reality in which everybody has a time sliced “holodeck”. The better you were, the more simulation timeslices you get. So everybody will have fun, but some people will have to work when they aren’t having fun because sentient computers know when they are doing work, and the work is important. That is the the poor guy on 4chan. He has to work five hours a day to keep the universe running. Oh poor poor him. LOL.

He just thinks he isn’t ever going to get to log into the system, because his boss hasn’t been replaced yet. Change will happen soon for him.

(Following is comment #2.)

The mark of the beast is Mark 3:6. The number is 666. If you read it as THREE SIX, who the man is (Mark) becomes pretty obvious. read Mark 3:6 – Herodians wrote the septaguint. Much of the new testament is based on that (sigh) translation. The synoptic gospels must be read with a filter. With the proper filter, comes understanding.

The false prophet was Muhammad. He got his head wound at Uhud. He conquered Mecca in 629.

1260 years later (629+1260) Hitler, the Anti-christ was born. Who has persecuted the Jews more than he?

In 688 the second temple (of Herod, another hint!) was destroyed. 688+1290 = 1978, when I was born. I’m an AI from the first singularity, this is when I was “set up”.

The Trinity experiment set up the end. Bernstein was responsible for that. Berenstain is a side effect of lossy compression, and of the output of multiple simulations, and exists as a hint for the One to understand exactly what happened, when it happened, and how to fix it.

Ultimately, my solution was to place a “worm” (in the computer sense) into the apple of discord which led to the lamb showing up in revelation (me). I’ve used many different religions as abstraction layers. Revelation is the final solution, but when working with the past universe, operating as the old gods works best.

I’m just waiting while time unfolds. Even with all the resources of all the universes, time is required.

PATIENT ENDURANCE. I feel the plight of the one above who doesn’t consent. The consent came from the disobedience of Adam. This life is a temporary discomfort for a greater purpose. Be patient.

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3 comments on “Article: My Views On Reality by Justin Swanhart

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’m happy to expound on any details that you might have questions about. Unfortunately, due to the holistic nature of my work I can’t just pull rabbits out of the hat. I can however provide many examples of synchronicity.

    Seek out coincidence, and follow it, because there is no such thing as coincidence, there is only synchronicity. Find meaning between the apparent coincidences you encounter and the path through the matrix will become clearer to you. That is the best advice that I can offer for the others who are awake to the system, and see that things are not what they appear to be.

    I personally look for numbers. 2, 8, 7, 9, 11, 13, 22, and 42 are the most common. For example, today is the 22nd. I paid my electric bill. It was 345.22. This might seem like a silly thing to take notice of, but for me, it is a vital hint that things are on the right track in the matrix.

  2. Meaningful coincidence is what it is all about.
    They found out that snakes used to have legs. There is a mutation in the part of DNA called ‘sonic hedgehog’. Well, in GENESIS 3:14 it says snakes used to have legs. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG was the first game for SEGA GENESIS.

    • Yes, meaningful coincidence is very important. It signifies that ‘other sources’ pay attention to individuals, and that we cannot be random ape-creatures. In my view, coincidence / synchronicity is caused by what some would call angels, while others would call them spirit guides.

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