Blair Reich: Scientifically Studying The Mandela Effect

Here is a second post featuring Mr. Reich:

Mandela Effect: PhD Weighs In With Scientific Study, 25,000 Surveyed


From the Youtube description: This is a radio show from September of 2016 where we discuss the Mandela Effect and it’s consequences.

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Title: Looking Out from Within- Justin Deschamps, Yvonne Palermo, and Blair Reich- The Mandela Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Aggroed Lightyear.

Blair Reich: Scientifically Studying The Mandela Effect – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 8 minutes. This is good informational discussion on how Reich went about in his scientific analysis of Mandela Effect, based on a limited number of survey questions and 25,000 respondents. I recommend this interview for newbies to the phenomenon and to intermediates who would like a better analytical grounding, but not so much for those who understand and can speculate on the advanced theories out there. The information is well researched and expounded upon from a scientific point of view.

At one point, the talk centers on how souls are moving from one dimension to the next one. Does one soul come into a body and push the previous soul out? This is one point that I can toss some speculation into. Many observers have commented that most people are limited intelligence robots, cardboard people or NPCs (Non-Player Characters such as those found in video games.). What if… What if your body in Dimension 2 is an NPC? When you leave Dimension 1, due to catastrophe, sudden death, timeline merging, etc., you soul goes into Dimension 2 and takes over the stand-by robot / NPC body.

I have made mention of this before; several Mandela Effect researchers have reported that they have seen in front of their eyes when a person ‘resets’ into denial when confronted with ME changes they cannot deny. This is when the person is at the cusp of awareness, but the robot soul takes over and clings stubbornly to the denial programming. Once that happens, no matter what the researcher says, the denier will never sway from their fixed viewpoint. To some degree, I’ve seen this happen when I’ve debated religious types over specifics of their religion, and also when I’ve argued politics. Try telling a diehard Republican that George Bush Jr. was a shit president with facts, and within seconds they’ll get hopping mad, red in the face and start yelling. You can say this is conditioning, herd mentality, whatever, but it basically comes down to programming. There is a moment when the person is speaking rationally, then I might hit that particular nerve and all of a sudden I get DENY, DENY, DENY!!!

I remember speaking to my ex-wife a couple of years ago. She is one of those 2D conditioned people, and always has been for going on 27 years now. However, during that one conversation, my ex-wife was extremely lucid and aware. I couldn’t believe what she was saying, because she had never spoken that way before. If she were that Awake when we’d been married, even a little bit, I would not have wanted to split up with her. The next time we spoke, she was back to her usual paradigm where everything the news said was right and everything I said was wrong. Was this a different soul in my usually conformist and narrowly focused ex-wife? It sure sounded like it for that one telephone conversation.

Here is what I’m getting at. If I start looking into my own past, I can probably find more instances like these. These were times when a rational person suddenly jumped into the false paradigm and refused to listen, or when a Sheep was briefly lucid in a very unusual way. I wouldn’t call this possession, per se, as I recall the story of a woman whose child was trapped under a car. For a moment in time, the woman was strong enough to move the car out of the way and save her child. For that moment, something out of the scope of being human was able to enhance her with enough strength to do what people later called a miracle. We can see the influence of beings from other dimensions in many different ways.

Why can these not be our Higher Selves moving our conscious soul from one dimensional flesh-body to another one? If our Higher Selves are moving us around like that, when they weren’t doing it en masse before, then something really big must be taking place behind the scenes right now. Maybe all realities really are merging into one, but the soul is only fully aware of being in one single reality, with the rest as copies or reflections. Think of a House Of Mirrors at a circus. There are hundreds of reflections of You, but only one real You. It is only when the mirrors begin breaking that you can see your true self. It doesn’t matter if at first you saw a thousand reflections / dimensions. At the same time, there are other people in the House Of Mirrors with you, but you cannot see their true self because of all the reflections. As the mirrors break or are taken away, there are less and less fractals, and more and more real people standing next to You. What happens when all of the mirrors are gone? I think we will reach a crux point of understanding and awareness, a sort of cosmic, natural Singularity, and this is exactly what The Powers That Be are trying to prevent.


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