Movie, Horror: The House Of Usher (1989)

imdb synopsis: An updated version of the classic horror tale by Edgar Allen Poe. Ryan and his girlfriend Molly are going to visit Ryan’s uncle, Roderick Usher, at his mansion. They find, however, that Roderick’s brother Walter has gone insane, and Roderick himself isn’t far behind. Can Ryan and Molly escape from the doomed mansion before the curse of Usher claims them as well?

imdb rating: 5.8

Title: The House of Usher 1989 (Dir: Alan Birkinshaw, full VHS Rip English) (YT link) Uploaded by Alkahest 2112.

The House Of Usher – (1989) 1 star

Run time: 1 hour, 27 minutes. Nothing doing on this one. There were a lot of directions this movie could have gone in, because there certainly were enough characters and strong motivations to go around. Unfortunately, the premise of a mad scientist type trying to manipulate his nephew because of a woman the madman has never seen or interacted with before doesn’t hold up. We get weird characters in the caretaker couple and their daughter, and also in the madman’s confined brother, but their roles are severely diminished by the shock factor. The movie starts off with a lovey-dovey couple who can’t keep their hands off each other, but once separated the female doesn’t really seem to be all that emotional about having lost her man. Instead she lets herself get taken to and fro by anybody compelled to give her a push. Stay in this room, put this on, eat this; no matter what the demand is, the heroine is sure to follow her orders. For a horror movie, I never saw any scary parts, just a sort of comedy / parody of horror.

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