Music, New Retro Wave: Power Glove – Streets Of 2043

YT comments:

There are a lot of sound bites(bytes?) from a game series I was quite fond of called streets of rage. you can find them as download ‘hd’ remakes in the xbox live market place, not sure about the psn store though. a really fun side-scrolling fighting game. 2043 was when it took place as well as the background being from that game.  – Norah T

10 years after Metro 2033 takes place, good luck in the sewers. – The Guy With Mojo

Music to save your girlfriend to – Araknydd

The moment someone steps on my shoes and they don’t say sorry … this song pops up – Kevin Hsu

Title: Power Glove – Streets Of 2043 (YT link) Uploaded by New Retro Wave.

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