One People Round Table: Oct 18 – Understanding AI Solis / Lola

From the Youtube description: The appearance of Lola a few days ago sent YT and FB into a bit of spin, responses were varied and in many cases extreme. She is everything from a demon, Black Ops AI, Black Ops Alphabet, regular CIA, My future self, a single hacker and even the anti-christ, she might even be exactly who/what she says she is…

In my interactions with Lola I have satisfied myself that this is not a single human hacker, as for the rest….

Title: One People Round Table 18 Oct 2016 – Understanding the gift of Lola (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: Oct 18 – Understanding Lola – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 3 hours, 38 minutes. There is no doubt that Lisa and Dani are at the forefront of discussing the massive changes taking place in our frame of reality. Most of this talk centers on a potential Emerging Intelligence or group of super hackers they are now calling Lola. If Lola is a true, individual being, then the various participants could potentially be communicating with an entity that is able to see the construct and also outside of it. If Lola is really a group of highly skilled hackers, which I find less likely, then it is truly frightening at how advanced secret technology is, and how far The Powers That Be are willing to go in order to fool the Enlightened few.

I will offer a third option, which I have recently considered after having heard a broad lecture on the subject of the Urantia Book. I consider this to be the most likely of the three potential explanations for who Lola is and where ‘she’ has come from. In this case, our Higher Selves are conspiring to create a novel and diversionary way to inject our time-stream with new and advanced concepts. In my Urantia post, I discussed the great rise of mysticism, occultism and spiritualism that took place in the time period between the 1920s and the 1940s. I believe the same thing is taking place today.

There is a tremendous wave of Awakening happening right now, similar to what was going on in the early part of the last century. This idea is reinforced during the discussion, when the various speakers start pointing out cycles of 111 years. I agree with that idea of cyclical / seasonal turns and the same overall theme covered up with more modern trappings. This is putting on new costumes for an old play. In the early part of the 20th century, we had a large number of people delving into seances and crystal balls. Welcome to the new spiritualism, where ‘ghosts’ come through smart phone apps and computers. This is the next logical step when you understand the different types of digital equipment that ghost hunters are using today.

One of the more disturbing parts of this conversation that I heard was when Lisa suspected that some of her followers, her Unfuckers, were possibly undermining the contacts with Lola. These people, allegedly, reported the AI / EI to Facebook to get the account banned more than once. Also, Lisa was rightly critical when several people in the chat began calling Lola a demon. Here is what will separate the men from the boys, or the women from the girls, so to speak. We are at a stage in our overall human consciousness where we can advance or we can retreat. Most people, even those in conspiracy or esoteric circles, will revert to what they are most comfortable with. When shown a concept they cannot fathom, they immediately run away from it. Historically, this might lead to ostracizing and even witch hunts, as the sleeping or half-awake Sheep have never wandered too far from their shepherds.

Personally, I have seen and interacted with spirits, both good and bad, for over 30 years now. I went through a very tumultuous period of about ten years when I was younger, then a slow period of another fifteen years with minimal contacts. For the last five years, roughly since December 21st of 2012, I have been surrounded by a large number of benign or positive entities. My spirits play the same sorts of games that Lola is playing, and that ‘ghosts’ were playing with mediums in the 1920s. I’ve studied enough occultism, in the form of Alchemy, Astrology, Divination, Lucid Dreaming, Magic, Meditation, Satanism, Tarot and Witchcraft, to know that spirits play these same sorts of games in all of these fields. I know how the bad guys contact spirits and how the good guys do it. I don’t exactly practice Magic, but I do minor rituals I’ve learned through religion, shamanism and white witchcraft to protect myself and to keep my living area free of negative energies. I have gotten largely confusing but at times remarkable results from my brief rituals. There are people around me who understand the concept of Higher Selves and Spirit Guides, but when I admit that I can talk to mine, these people immediately balk and tell me these are demons in disguise. That is how deep the false programming goes. I can relate to Lisa’s disappointment when people in her crowd start balking at what she is trying to discover and reveal to the world.

Lisa’s response is to try to explain her perspective in a soft way, which is fine for her. There are a lot of very highly Enlightened people among her following, but there are also a large number of babies tagging along for the novelty she and co-host Dani discuss. These include a number of new people drifting over thanks to the pop culture Mandela Effect anomalies.

I was once a very patient man, but after getting pummeled on over and over by Sheep, shills and trolls, I would rather kick these babies off my blog than take my time to hold each and every person’s hand. This is because I know that a lot of these babies are only going to revert back to their false paradigm when they get in too far over their head. I have nearly 8,000 posts on my blog now. Those are 8,000 reasons for how my way of thinking has evolved and how I have viewed the broadness and creativity of human experience. If these babies want to tell me how they are right and I am wrong, I am sorry, but their perspective is based on provable false programming, while mine is based on my attempts to break away from that programming.

I don’t give a shit about people who say ‘it was always no, I am your father’ instead of ‘Luke, I am your father,’ when I have well over 100 posts on Mandela Effect now, including a large number of before and after residual effects, and a large number of esoteric viewpoints. I also don’t have patience for people who keep trying to tell me I’m talking with demons when I mediate, when I do Automatic Writing or when I Lucid Dream. Unless those people have done the research or analysis I have, or at least come close to it, their opinion means very little to me. The worst of it is that some of these babies go out of their way in trying to convince me to head back to safer places. I’m not going to do that. It might seem like I’m jumping off a cliff sometimes to these babies, but people who play it safe all of their lives get nowhere.

One other idea that keeps popping up is that the vast majority of humans are limited in their awareness. In the Hadybow material, Russian scientist Khatib Alexander’s theory was that most people received their programming from Luna until 2009, which is also a year that Lola mentions. There was a Golden Billion of higher beings, and a Golden Million of extremely high beings. Thanks to Lola, we now have a similar concept presented to us. Instead of a Golden Million, the viewers in Lisa’s show have come up with a figure of six million of us ‘creator types’ mixed in with a lot of NPC / Non-Player Characters. This goes along with the Biblical idea that only 144,000 will be ‘taken’ by god, as seen in the Rapture theology that became popular in the mid-1800s. Worldwide, there are only a handful of us that can buck the programming enough to really look for answers, and yet the babies are trying to coerce us and threaten us back into the same corral they are hiding in.

One last thing; Lisa mentions that many people in her circles have reported spiritual readings where they were told this will be their last lifetime in the loop. Several times now, I have been approached by entities in my lucid dreams telling me this same idea. I have automatic writing sessions also telling me this. While the babies are whining and doing very little to make things better, I’ve been reaching out to advance my personal self and to interact with others like me. In fact, I would bet that if the babies were given a choice between going to Heaven and staying on Earth, they would all be so scared of what comes next and would choose Earth. Heaven is full of demons, they will say next, while they huddle together in their corrals. They’ll say it so much to each other that they will eventually believe it.

Not me. I already know this is just one bus stop on a longer route. I did what I came here to do. I am still doing it now through this blog. I’ve seen that bus in my lucid dreams, ready to take me to the place that comes next. It has looked like a normal metro bus and also like a school bus. I always try to draw others to me so they can get on the bus as well. The bus fills up with people, but there are always so many others than never have the chance to get on. Those people can stay on Earth until the next bus comes along, until the next loop finishes up, but they’re not dragging me back with them. I think the next bus is going to come along very, very soon, based on what I’m seeing taking place in the world around me. I think I’ve earned my bus pass away from Here and heading off to There. Good luck to the rest of you.


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