Wayne Steiger: In Search Of Nephilim Ultra-Terrestrials

From the Youtube description: The Human Race has been assaulted and the invasion that began long ago and despite the intervention of outsiders to help correct this travesty it may not be possible to correct what has been done to us.

This video is but one of a series to come pointing out who also has been involved in this rape of our Species and how these Bloodline Invaders have taken positions of power and have enslaved our Species. Clues have always been here but heavily discredited by the so-called keepers of the Oracles of the gods, stolen by higher beings but there is a Law that they must obey as well and try they have to keep this knowledge from us, it is bigger then they are and that Knowledge is becoming a force unto itself.

Title: Bloodlines Invaders (YT link) Uploaded by R Wayne Steiger.


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