Music, Rockabilly, Medieval: The Creepshow – Take My Hand

I have to start reorganizing all my music posts into new tags, which sucks because there are several hundred of them on this blog. So, keep track of the Keywords in the title! For this video, they will be Music, Rockabilly and Medieval, or simply the artist name if you don’t feel too adventurous.


Title: The Creepshow – Take My Hand Official Video (YT link) Uploaded by Davin Black.

Vampire lyrics:

Close your eyes and go to sleep my boy
Lay your pretty head to rest
This nightmare’s close to being over
Welcome to the world of the undead

We’ll leave these souls behind
Wandering together with bloody eyes
All the way across this land
Lurking through the streets the
Living dead babe that’s you and me
I know you’re scared so take my hand

This is hell bound ride but the
Devil’s on our side
Don’t be afraid my love,
It’s just a little bit of blood

When the sun begins to rise
That’s when we call it a night
Sleep soundly through another day
When night comes closing in our evil
Will wake us from within
Hungry for a taste of our human prey

Vampires in the night
Creepin’ up on you,
You better run and hide

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