Music, New Retro Wave: LazerHawk – Electric Groove

I find the video loop disturbing, but at the same time I am attracted to it. :p This track is one of my favorites! On top of that, the Youtube comments are hilarious!

The origin of the clip is a track by Major Problem, titled Acid Queen, which I did not like at all! (Seriously, that video is traumatizing me!)

FINISH HER!! FATALITY – Bad Muthafucka (reference to weakened opponents from the Mortal Kombat video game)

This is what a siezure would look like in zero gravity – Mike Stewie

Reminds me of my ex-wife trying to dance…. – Pha Q

She’s got to be tired. – Christopher Crabbe

Is that woman being attacked by bees? – Roberto Rivera

Title: LazerHawk – Electric Groove (YT link) Uploaded by New Retro Wave.


All night long I sit at home.
I dream about a time we can be alone.
Come on baby call me on the telephone,
But you never do.

And when were together I can feel the space.
I want you so bad but the look on your face.
Tell me one thing that I already know.
You’re not ready to go.

We gonna like you move.
I’m gonna like you move.
We gonna like you move.
I’m gonna like you move.
We gonna like your groove.
I’m gonna make move.
I’m gonna make you run.
I’m gonna make you sweat.

All night long I wait for you.
I can’t help but imagine all the things we’ll do.
To an electric groove.

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