One People Round Table: Oct 21 – What Comes After Mandela Effect?

Advanced topics! You may have to search this blog for the last 2 or 3 OPRT posts to catch up on what is going on with this conversation.


From the Youtube description: I had a chat with a couple of girlfriends to try to explain what I am seeing, feeling and sensing right NOW, about where we are, what is happening and what I feel is coming in next.

Title: What’s Next? What could possibly top the Mandela Effect? (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: What Comes After Mandela Effect? – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 31 minutes. Bingo! One of the first things Lisa mentions in this discussion is that people will see drastic changes in their reality, as in things looking different or manifesting in unexpected and possibly shocking ways. I have had the feeling this would happen for about two months now.

Lisa has mentioned a few times that people create their own thought forms, or that evil people / good people / magicians created them through rituals. I think she gives too narrow a range for what thought forms are. This does not take into account reports from things such as skinwalkers / shapeshifters who are able to change form from human to non-human and physically go out to torment others. In my research, I have read about and watched magicians, shaman, spiritualists, Satanists and witches doing very bizarre things that seem less like manipulating thought forms and more like commanding actual demons. Also, this disregards the concept of Archons in Gnosticism and Jinn in Islam, not to mention a number of other religions. Further, I have dealt with beings that cannot be mere thought forms because they were physically fighting back.

On three occasions that I can recall, others or I have been able to see the actual person who caused the thought form or demon to manifest into physical reality. 1. In Haunt No. 5, I saw a scary monster floating near a ceiling, while my ex-wife saw an old man making menacing gestures in the same spot. 2. In Haunt No. 10, my sister saw the figure of an old woman in her room after her ex-husband’s new girlfriend cursed her. Those two incidents may fall somewhat into Lisa’s definition, but not this next instance. 3. In Haunt No. 6, I wrestled an entity on my bed, while my then wife slept next to me. I was able to throw this entity off and get a good look at ‘her.’ She was a young woman whom I had never met, and she was gloating at what she had done by attacking me while I slept. She was also breathing heavily as if she were winded from the struggled. This phantom disappeared only seconds later and just as my wife was waking up, so my wife felt the tumult on the bed but did not see my attacker. That was not a thought form! That was a real person that materialized into my room for a short time to do me bodily harm.

39 minutes in – Lisa describes being in a parked car and watching as the concrete below the car is moving fluidly like water. This is exactly what I was talking about in my first paragraph! There are two ways I think this might happen. One would be like an acid trip or a DMT experience, where visual colors become psychedelic. A second way is even trippier than this. Imagine your fridge, right, which has straight edges and uniform angles. Now imagine a corner of your fridge being ‘bent away’ like Salvador Dali’s abstract art, or like when you compare a normal human skull to a Peruvian elongated skull. I just started writing a story with this sort of concept. In my scenario, Planet X / Nibiru has a magnetic field so strong that it bends light on Earth. This skews what we see from normal vision to bent or warped vision, and it is disconcerting enough that it causes many people to go insane. Imagine the Funhouse Mirror that makes you look skinnier or fatter, or which changes your features into something really strange. Now imagine being in that place 24 hours a day. (Nice scenario, huh?)

54 minutes – Lisa mentions two different ideas. In one, she disapproves of people who would like to see The Powers That Be removed or dead. I don’t think this is a bad idea, and I don’t think it is wrong to want physical reality to be better. If you have cancer or gangrene, you have to cut the corruption out, instead of living with it. The degree of negative energy is like a pendulum of yin / yang, but it is way too far to the dark side in our present age. Next, Lisa mentions how some people’s lives were severely disrupted, and how this has led those people to spiritually grow and to detach themselves from many of their material ideas. I am one of those people. The bank took my house away, my wife blamed me for the loss and we split up, and then she took my children to live with her two states away fro me. I have learned many things the hard way, and in a fairly short amount of time. I am about as ready as I can be for whatever is coming next.

1:07 – Lisa talks about less people being in the collective. I agree with this. Lisa says she came to this conclusion recently, after sensing there were more Awake people around a couple of years ago. With me, I want to say I realized this same thought in 2013 or 2014. I believe I came here without a Soul Group, and I think I am among the last few stragglers left before the change of the Age occurs. I believe I came here to observe the shift, and also to clear up some of my worst Karma. I seldom run into people that are Awake, and even these are all half Awake and in need of someone more advanced like me to give them pointers and counsel. It is very, very rare for me to run into a person who has a level of understanding similar to mine. The most advanced people I can think of are on Youtube, such as Lisa, her usual co-host Dani, and a few others. Teal Swan is another one.

1:23 – Lisa thinks that there will be a sort of Gathering or Rapture. At the end of it she believes that either everyone will be there, or everyone that is supposed to be there, will be there. I see it slightly different. I think there will be a separation, where a few will be split off from the rest and advance to whatever comes next. I’m not sure what will happen next. Either the 2D people will be left behind to start over, or the advanced souls will move forward to start anew in a new place. In my lucid thoughts and dreams, I see myself joining a small crowd and leaving Earth, but a larger crowd staying behind. This may be the same as what Lisa is saying, but from a slightly different angle, because as I said, I don’t know what happens to the people that are left behind.

1:27 – The idea of two worlds side by side or one layer on top of the next makes a lot of sense to me. The Powers That Be are terrified of the Awakening, but it is not the Awakening of everyone on Earth. Instead, and as the ladies allude to, TPTB fear when the advanced souls Awaken.

Update: Here is a link to my Thorns site. The Haunts I mentioned can be found on the Thorns 1 area. My site is not for the timid!

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