Real Or Hoax: Project Blue Beam To Activate If Hildabeast Loses!

Check the video first, and I will jot some notes down after.


From the YT description: Well, first off, we really don’t know if this is real. But it has so many credible pieces mentioned that we all know about, including the ZIKA threat. So what are we to do with this??? My biggest concern is that they will fake an alien invasion…second, that they might fake the Wormwood event..HEADS UP.

Title: WSO Oct 24 – Is the SALVAGE Program REAL…if so, Danger Will Robinson! (YT link) Uploaded by Steve Olson.


Obviously, a very intelligent person put this report together. Benenson Strategy Group is a real site. Among its successes is the re-election of the Bomber Of Nations. The language and structure of the report give it an authentic feel if you don’t look at it too closely, or if you don’t see these types of reports frequently.

Problems: The official Benenson page has a different logo on it. The logo should be the same because the report was put out after the third Trump / Hildabeast debate. The report is not addressed to anyone and it is not dated.

Okay, I traced it back to this site: Lew Rockwell. Some asshole first posted the report there, before returning later to add this update:

UPDATE: After receiving numerous weird emails questioning the veracity of this “report,” I must simply point out: Guys, it’s a satire, an obvious hoax. I thought in these feverish pre-election days of apocalyptic gloom and doom people would appreciate a bit of unexpected “gotcha” humor. – asshole Charles Burris

So, the report is most likely a hoax, unless it was intentionally put out as disinformation to scare people just like the controlled news media keeps giving us all fear / doom porn all the time. You know, the same assholes who are telling us that fighting ISIS will be a 100 year war. Seriously, this dope should have put a note at the end somewhere showing this to be satire, unless they deliberately want it to blow up on the conspiracy forums to create hysteria, so they can laugh about it later.


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