United States: CNN Shills Willfully Deny Rampant Voter Fraud

These CNN media whores can only sweep so much under the carpet. There’s like a mountain under there now. Watch the bitch on the left get triggered.


YT description: CNN anchor says “my viewers trust me to tell the truth” lol

Title: CNN panel FLIPS OUT over guest saying voter fraud exists (YT link) Uploaded by Little Centipede.

YT comment: CNN can’t HANDLE the truth! Voter fraud exists, and CNN is trying to cover it up because they want everyone to laugh in Trump’s face if Trump loses. It’s not going to be that easy, CNN. Even Democrats like Al Gore accused the system of voter fraud and being rigged when he lost to Bush. And now they want to cut the interview short because they’re terrified of the facts., because the facts go against their narrative. They want Hillary to win, and they want it to seem like she wins fair and square. We’re not buying your crap anymore CNN. Trump 2016! – Twenty Percent Dash


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