United States: Pictures Of Antarctica Found In Wikileaks E-Mails

Many of the pictures are breathtaking, but they aren’t any kind of smoking gun or anything occult. More for nature buffs. I’m not a ship expert, so if anybody can chime in on that three mast deal and what looks like a science vessel toward the end, feel free.

The narrator should have used Google translate. There are two lines in foreign language in the e-mail. The one I translated is this one:

From:johnson_lo@mail2000.com.tw To: Date: 2008-11-29 04:47 Subject: 冰山在快速溶解


Here is the second line, which did not translate at all:

Subject: ヲB、sヲbァヨウtキサクム

Wikileaks link, Picture page link


YT description: So I was going over the new Wikileaks dump for October 18th and I came across an e-mail that I couldn’t read cuz it was in Chinese, well actually it didn’t say anything it just had a header that was Chinese. IN ATTACHMENTS IS ANTARCTICA Pictures!. From johnson_no@mail2000.com.tw TO: was blank. Here’s the link:

Title: (YT link) WIKILEAKS EMAIL CONTAINS ANTARCTICA PICTURES (johnson_lo@mail2000.com.tw) Uploaded by James Munder.


7 comments on “United States: Pictures Of Antarctica Found In Wikileaks E-Mails

  1. The second phrase you couldn’t translate is Japanese. I messed about removing various letters/symbols which gave various words, phrases or letters – here are some examples;

    ヲB、sヲbァヨウtキサクム – The direct translation is “Wow, I’m Sorry”
    ヲB = wow
    ウtキ = Ukraine
    ウtキサク = I am amused
    ウtキサ = U.K.
    Other words and phrases I found were – I am frank, woman.

    There could be a coded message jumbled within the phrase?

    • Thanks for comment, and for taking the time to try to figure this out.

      The first part totally sounds like code:


      Maybe the pictures were a distraction from the hidden message, since three languages, English, Chinese and Japanese, were used to obscure it. This might mean two ciphers, one for the Chinese words and one for the Japanese. No idea what they could mean, though.

  2. Just a thought looking at these pictures. The ice appears to be melting from the inside out, not the same but similar to spontaneous combustion.

  3. Actually… You are correct but, the pictures are encrypted with secret things in it. that’s why some of the picture files are a little bigger than normal pictures. The phrase is in fact a code to help with the decoding of the secrets that lye within.

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