Gnostic: Arthur Versluis – The Return Of The Inquisition

YT description: The foundation of The Inquisition began with the Heresiologists and their polemics against the Gnostics. The tools of the Totalitarian Regimes– including thought crime, instilling horror in the population and public confessions, just to name a few– were borrowed from the Church Father in their wars against the Cathars, Manichaeans and Bogomils. Later in history, in a very conscious way, these procedures were utilized by modern fascist and socialist regimes. There has always been an intellectual movement to banish the Gnostics. We reveal that this movement is alive as ever. It’s a chilling reality…and they’re coming for you sooner than you think…

Astral Guest– Arthur Versluis, author of The New Inquisition, Restoring Paradise: Western Esotericism, Literature, and Consciousness,Awakening the Contemplative Spirit, as well as editor of Esoterica and Professor of American Studies at Michigan State University.

Title: The Return of the Inquisition: Aeon Byte Gostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Arthur Versluis: The Return Of The Inquisition – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: 59 minutes. Versluis speaks about how, ever since the beginning, the Church and politicians have been persecuting Gnostic Christians and trying to forcibly mold them into obedient and servile automatons. He gives several examples of how public figures like Pat Robertson and other contemporary authors have demonized Gnostics, and have even broadened the definition to include Christian critics such as Oprah Winfrey and others, despite that these critics are not in any way Gnostics.

While growing up, my personal experience in Christian churches was that Gnosticism was bundled up with supposed Satanists such as heavy metal band AC / DC (which was not Alternating Current / Direct Current as the band claimed, but Anti-Christ / Devil’s Children as my Christian mentors said) and similar rocker Ozzy Osbourne who would go up on stage and bite the heads off doves. Because of that indoctrination, I held back from exploring Gnosticism until many years later. It wasn’t until I abandoned the Christian church at age 36 that I started looking in other directions. In fact, I approached Gnosticism in a roundabout way, by learning a little about Hinduism first, Buddhism second, and even a little New Age philosophy. Only in the last couple of years have I really felt comfortable enough to immerse my mind into Gnostic teachings.

What ticks me off even more is that people like Pat Robertson, who lambasted Gnostics back in the day as being occult societies, are incredible hypocrites that have 33rd Degrees in the Luciferian cult of Masonry and which often rub shoulders with the elite such as the power-hungry, Nazi sympathizers of the Bush family. If a person takes the time to go back to study the origins of true Christianity, they will find a sect of believes similar to Tibetan monks and the Chinese followers of the highly persecuted sect of Falun Gong. True Christianity was not worshiping in Roman temples and they certainly weren’t supporting a priest class by giving them money and subjecting themselves to a Caesar or a Pope. True Christians were meeting out in groves, fields and hills, just like the Druids and other pagan religions were. Just look at the places where the sun god figure of Jesus gathered his followers! He never went to an amphitheater or a hall, he was out there on top of mounts, by rivers and at the edge of the sea.

There is a fascinating last minute add-on at the end of this interview that starts up at about 50 minutes in. Host Conner has a clip of another interview with Nathaniel Merritt, where Merritt comments that an esoteric sect of the Christian Orthodox Church is actually made up of undercover Gnostics. This involves reciting a ‘Jesus Prayer’ while regulating one’s breath, and also with the rejection of traditional Christian dogma for a more Gnostic way of thinking.


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