The Urantia Book: Re-Imagining And Reinventing Jesus

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New version has closed captions, enhanced video and beautiful new drone footage.

A feature-length film exploring the environmental context for the life of Jesus, his mission, his public work, and his core teaching about a “kingdom”–a vast spiritual civilization which permeates our universe–and his imperative to spread his message to the world.

Based on the biography of Jesus in The Urantia Book.

More information at: http://urantia-book-films.or

A Spanish version is available at…

Title: Re-Imagining Jesus (YT link) Uploaded by Urantia Book Films.

The Urantia Book: Re-Imagining And Re-Inventing Jesus – (?) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 11 minutes. The Urantia Book seems to have been created with good intentions. It seeks to implement a step or two of spirituality in Christianity, whose idea of being spiritual is kneeling and submitting to a tyrannical deity far up in the sky somewhere. Some people will resonate with this baby step away from nothing and into the elementary level of spirituality, and if that is as far as they’re willing to go, then good on them. The teaching of setting aside materialism in favor of congregation and open thought with Jesus as a focal point is the best thing this offshoot religion offers.

However, Urantia doesn’t segregate itself from its main trunk of Christianity by very far. The historical fallacies are still observed that, one, Jesus, was a real person, and two, that Jesus created the dogma of the Church of Rome. I feel Urantia does not go far enough, and will merely be a splinter group such as the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses cults which were also invented at roughly around the same time. The Masonic / Kabbalistic numbers are still venerated, and the Hebrew myths are presented as being accurate, despite the great amount of evidence that many of them were derived from earlier sources. Many critics no longer consider the writings of Joseph Flavius authentic, so perhaps it was that the creators of Urantia, whether they be of human or supernatural origin, were not too willing to step outside the box.

Perhaps I will write an article on what it takes to create a religion. Here are a few notes on that which I may expound upon later, of general themes that I keep seeing in the dogma of a number of different cultures and different times.

  1. A set of original gods supplanted by younger, more power gods.
  2. A Messianic sun figure that the 12 signs of the zodiac revolve around.
  3. The Messianic sun figure incarnates after a god comes to Earth to impregnate a human female.
  4. The Messianic figure is localized to a particular culture, and is seen as exclusive to only that culture, i.e. the ‘chosen people’ meme.
  5. In some cultures, the Messianic figure promises to come back at a later time, because despite having god powers, he is incapable of changing the world into a better place. In other cultures, Herculean figures do use their god powers to change the course of rivers or to smash down mountains.
  6. The Messianic figure leaves his wisdom on Earth that 90% of humanity will never comprehend except for superficially. That is, obvious allegory and metaphor become misinterpreted as actual fact.
  7. The Messianic figure has the attributes of whatever zodiac sign he is born / appears in.

I could get into the pantheon and patriarchal aspects as well, and maybe I will do that at a later time. For now, those are the more salient points that stick out after listening to this presentation of Urantia material.


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