Christian: Alan Hembra – Testimony Of Witchcraft And Abuse

YT link: True Life Story- Born into a Magic Family- Witchcraft and Wizardry w/ Alan Hembra on NYSTV
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Our guest Alan Hembra was born into a family heavily steeped in the occult. Through all of this he learned many valuable lessons and had many life changing experiences which ultimately led him to following Yeshua.

Title: True Life Story- Born into a Magic Family- Witchcraft and Wizardry on NYSTV (YT link) Uploaded by Now Your See TV.

Alan Hembra: Testimony Of Witchcraft And Abuse – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 1 minute. Here is an excellent interview from the Christian podcast at NYSTV. If you are a Christian, by all means watch this show. The testimony is compelling. If you have more of an open mind and can handle critical analysis of what is being said, then keep reading.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing different guests from different walks of life and belief systems giving their impressions of the great What Is. Just last night, I heard Lisa Harrison from the One Group Round Table saying there was no such thing as Karma. Also, I keep finding contrasting viewpoints regarding who Lucifer is: good guy or bad guy. All of this I am trying to correlate into my own experiences and research, but I do have certain people who keep trying to pin me down and state that I have become a believer in a strict, dogmatic way. This is not true. My viewpoint is always fluid, and I delve into all sorts of fields in order to more acutely define it. Among the things I am certain of, in the realm of Christianity, is that the god of the Old Testament is a bad guy, and that following the teachings of the Gnostic Jesus is much better than following the watered down and purposefully enigmatic parables of the New Testament Jesus.

Hembra’s testimony is intriguing because I went through some of the same things. I was abused while I was a child and I was attacked tremendously by supernatural beings, in many different places. Like Hembra, I have a life-long vice in pornography, in two major categories: I enjoy watching a woman performing a seductive striptease, which is not so bad, and I also write a lot of fetish erotica in a number of genres. The contrast between Hembra and I is that I’ve never consciously known any Satanists, in fact I’ve been fighting Satanic forces all of my life. Also, Hembra appears to have delved deeper into witchcraft than I have, although I do minor magic on my own, mostly to raise my vibration and to ward off demons.

There is no doubt to me that demons exist, as I have witnessed many of their exploits and influences. I’ve been around enough of them to classify them into several categories, such as independent Archons, thought-forms created from intentions, residual energy regular ghosts and minor, attention-seeking poltergeists. What I don’t do is to group them all together and call them Satanic. You can see it any way you want, and hopefully you will never have to deal with the bad or evil ones. Your experience will be different than mine, because we are all individuals.

Why was Hembra harassed so much? Why was there a clear pattern of the same influences: abuse, pornography and witchcraft, taking place over and over in this man’s life? The answer is important precisely because I went through some of the same things myself. It helps me to analyze the experience of another person, in order to help me to understand why I went through some of those things. It appears that Hembra was marked in some supernatural way since he was a child. My friend Matt and I were marked in similar ways, where physical abuse seemed to focus more on us than anyone else. This idea of demonic attacks happening repeatedly mirrors my own.

I still cannot fully discern if my attacks came from Archons, or from thought-forms sent by someone who hated me, despite that I was still a child when these events took place. Maybe the thought-forms of my cruel and abusive stepfather manifested into entities that followed me even a decade after that man was dead. While nameless demons plagued me, it was witchcraft that went around following my friend Matt while he was younger. He dated several witches, before he knew they were witches, and ended up pissing off covens so strongly that they used curses and psychic attacks on his person. Neither Matt nor I were involved in any study of ‘Satanic’ practices when we were younger, although I have been delving into some esoteric subjects more recently, for the purposes of peace and protection.

Oh, and to be clear, these practices are Satanic only from a Christian point of view, but not from a spiritual perspective. They include minor divination, automatic writing, lucid dreaming, meditation and projection of positive emotions. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing Satanic in any of those areas. During the talk, Hembra equates certain music, action video games and fantasy movies into the same ball of wax with everything else. I don’t see things the same way. Satan does not equal everything not in the Bible.

The argument one of the hosts brings in is that the Bible condemns everything that has to do with divination and witchcraft. I don’t want to be too critical, but that guy really needs to take a good look at his Bible heroes. The Old Testament is full of examples of divination, shamanistic prophecy and magic / witchcraft. In the New Testament, Jesus was a cult leader who was originally depicted with a magic wand or staff while he performed his magic / miracles, and he was competing for followers with other magicians like Simon Magus and other cult leaders like John the Baptist. Don’t give me no double standard about it being okay if god said it, because the only reason god said it is because Rome wanted him to say it. Blind devotion doesn’t trump critical analysis.

Anyway, from a Karmic or Gnostic perspective, I would say that there is a lesson Hembra has to learn. This lesson is evident from the pattern of repetition where he is constantly exposed to the same negative influences over and over. The same vices are being pushed on him, and also the same way out: through Christianity. Yet Hembra is stubborn in that he allows his self to get swept back in, and he seemingly cannot find a strong anchor in his faith, as he backslides often. For a neutral outsider like me, this is a choice between good and evil. Perhaps Hembra will spend his entire life waffling back and forth between the two sides. Perhaps he has other lessons his ‘higher self,’ what you would call angels or spirit guides, will not get to in this lifetime, because Hembra still has not overcome this huge decision he has to make. You know how Christians say that people shouldn’t be lukewarm to their god. Hembra going from hot to cold and back again is basically causing him to be just that.

Everybody will have a different experience, because we were all born and raised in different ways, and we went through different events to mold us into the people we have become today. Here is what I have done in my life, in regards to the worst problems that have plagued me. As far as abuse goes, I publicly denounce the abusers and when I can, I privately console the victims.

In regards to demons, at first I ran away from them and they chased me about like a dog that has smelled fear in their prey. Later, I was so fed up that I started standing my ground against them. I got battered for years, until I developed enough strength that I can give them a good tussle now. I can sense demons coming, but even if they surprise me I can put up spiritual defenses so their attacks don’t last very long. Because I was cursed several times, I have studied Satanism and witchcraft, and I use positive intent to ward away evil spells or to at least loosen their impact or duration.

The last major obstacle I have is pornography. I’ve had certain fetishes since I went through puberty, mostly because my mother was very overprotective and did not allow me out of the house, until I finally disobeyed her in early 11th grade. So I didn’t hang out with friends or flirt with girls or do a number of things other kids do until I was 16 or 17. Anyway, I have my fetish that I’ve been struggling against for decades. I love writing but I couldn’t create a good romantic scene for my characters because of my fetish. I knew this was holding me back, so I went and wrote several erotic stories to help ‘cleanse’ me, to get my fetish out of my mind, so to speak. Was I cured? No, I wasn’t. What I have done is to set this fetish to one side, where I can continue to move forward in other areas and learn other lessons. So, my fetish is still there, and I do write that specific genre of erotica along with a number of others, but I don’t feel as if I am holding myself back like I used to. I think it is worse for a person to hide something and to let it consume them from the inside, than it is to throw that problem out into the open and let everyone see it.

The point being that everyone has a singular life. If you believe Christianity has all the answers, then by all means embrace it and create your anchor for this incarnation. If you believe in the constant cycling of the soul, as I do, and you have the sorts of obstacles plaguing you that Hembra, Matt, me, and many others have, then you might have to make singular adjustments in order to put your obstacles to the side and keep moving forward to learn whatever you came here to learn. There are certain things that will bind you, or handicap you in a way. These things may constantly follow you around for your entire life. You don’t have to put your obstacles out in the street where everybody can see them, but you should think about how you can set them aside so they won’t be in front of you all the time. You may not get rid of all your vices and traumas, but you can punch them in the neck to show them that you’re still in control, instead of them controlling you.


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