United States: Russia’s Satan 2 Mega Nuke – You Should Be Scared

YT description: Russian ICBM – SATAN 2. If you were wondering what all the talk about Russia was at the debate… part of it was about the threats that Vladimir Putin are making against us. The other part is the actions if Vladimir Putin, including “partnering up with China and participating in ‘war games’ against NATO. Add to the fact that Turkey wants to leave NATO and Russia wants to reopen a military base in Cuba; there newest addition to their ranks which NATO nicknamed the “Satan 2.” It will scare the hell out of you… or should. Check it out in my latest series on World War 3 and a damned good reason why you should vote for Trump.

Title: Russia’s Satan 2 – Why You Should Have The Hell Scared Out Of You! (YT link) Uploaded by Mid America Patriot.

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