The Rise Of Zionism And The Western Axis Of Evil

This documentary upset a lot of establishment journalists when it was released. It’s worth re-visiting now and again! Brilliant stuff! – 38 Dragoon 38

Title: Axis Of Evil – Documentary Of Zionists, Israel, United States, Canada, Britain (YT link) Uploaded by Kit Kirja.

The Rise Of Zionism And The Axis Of Evil – (2012) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 35 minutes. This documentary comes to us from a North Korean intellectual point of view. There are a lot of credits to Chomsky given. We do see some anti-Western and anti-capitalism bias, but I found this minimal up until about the end. Most of the information given is right on the mark as far as exposing the New World Order goes. A lot of topics are covered, including False Flag terrorism, celebrity worship, commercialism and the dumbing down of the masses.


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