Brooks Agnew: The Nephilim And The Seeds Of Adam

YT description: Who are the Agents of the Nephilim ?
What is The Creation and Destiny of our Earth?
Who are these Enormous Empires moving mammoth amounts of power and wealth for themselves?
Who are the 5 Races of beings talked about in Genesis?
Is there really two families fighting for control of the World and are they the Seeds of Lucifer and Adam?

These questions are asked and more with Dr Brooks Agnew from

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Title: Nephilim – The Seeds of Adam & Cain – Bearth – Two Earths – 5 Species – Dr Brooks Agnew (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.

Brooks Agnew: The Nephilim And The Seeds Of Adam – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 10 minutes. I am highly impressed with Mr. Agnew. Not only is he a bestselling author and an explorer, but he’s also trying to change the entire political system and working on innovative technologies for new energy. In that respect, the only other person who I can think doing so much for the public good is South Africa’s Michael Tellinger.

Agnew’s point of view regarding the origins of Homo Sapiens is fresh as well. He doesn’t accept Sitchin’s version of the Anunnaki, but he favors the Jewish idea of a physical Adam and Eve. He believes in a layered system of Earth dimensions similar to what Lisa Harrison of the One People Round Table talks describes. He doesn’t believe in Nibiru, but he does believe in Planet X.

The reason I clicked on this interview is because Rex Bear of Leak Project often has very good guests, and I had heard of Agnew before but not recently. The talk about the origins of man was fine, but the revelations regarding his political and technological work are outstanding. Highly recommended.


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