Planet X: Oct 29 – NASA SOHO Videos Show New Planet Around Sun

Dude goofed by showing the planetary orbits from 2020. He did catch the mistake. The SOHO images are very interesting, so give this a watch!


YT description: A slight mistake was made on the solar scape Imaging part of the video setting the date at the year 2020. However the main body of this video shows a planetary object orbiting the Sun in less than three days. The nearest planet Mercury to the sun takes 88 days to orbit the Sun. So regardless of the mistake made in the video pertaining to the shoulder scope date the object that orbited the sun in that video on solo footage was moving at a very high rate of speed it was not a star but a large planetary object.

Title: PLANET X šŸ”“ NIBIRU šŸŒŽ INCREDIBLE NASA SOHO imagery October 29th 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Nibiru Planet X 2016.


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