RFID Chip – The Mark Of The Beast Revealed

This documentary is made up of several video clips put together. It is a pro-Christian video, but the religious angle is subtle.


YT description: Jesus is the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN! We are treading through deep water and the only way to be cleansed is through the blood of Jesus, so if you take this microchip you will automatically go to Hell, period. There is no redemption. Don’t let the way or the world try and tell you otherwise. If the world hates you, just remember the world hated Jesus first.

Title: Mark Of The Beast RFID Chip Reveal (YT link) Uploaded by Healing 365.

RFID Chip – The Mark Of The Beast Revealed – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 28 minutes. We see a lot of media gatekeepers in this short documentary, and a broad, concentrated push to put RFID technology into the public consciousness. Here’s the thing; Christians believe this is all part of some divine plan that their god set out a long time ago. You would think that the bad guys would do something different so they could avoid getting caught up in the book of Revelation and destroyed at the end. But they’re not, are they? So many times, the bad guys that run this world have stuck close to this same, ancient game plan, as they are clearly trying to install One World Government and One World Religion. Why would the bad guys do this? Because they are too dumb to read Revelation for themselves? Because they don’t believe in god, while at the same time their most occult sources and whistleblowers claim the bad guys believe in the anti-Christ figure of Lucifer? Who gave us the Bible in the first place? Well, that would be Rome, and they didn’t do it because they were on the side of good.

I think the bad guys are following Revelation because that is their schedule for the future. Somewhere down the line, some 2,000 years ago, somebody had some kind of vision, perhaps through drug-induced prophecy by using something like DMT, or through time travel or advanced Anunnaki tech or whatever. Those visions were written down and inserted into Constantine’s commissioned book of god. I’ve read where Revelations was the last book included in the official canon, so it almost didn’t make the cut. When you understand who Yahweh really is, either the Anunnaki warlord Enlil or the god Saturn, who is the bad guy in both identities, then you wouldn’t expect Yahweh to include visions that are supposed to be detrimental to his plans for world government. By that reasoning, the book of Revelations was intentionally set into place as a way to fool the public into thinking a benevolent god is coming to save them, while at the same time giving the bad guys the rough outline of how things are going to play out. In other words, the bad guys wouldn’t have added Revelations to the Bible unless it gave them an advantage. It is a case of waving one hand to distract the people, while the other hand is busy doing something else.

Remember too that in the Sumerian King’s List, the ancient kings ruled for thousands of years. People were reported to have lived hundreds of years in the Bible as well. Both of those concepts match with the idea that the Anunnaki can live for many, many millennium. Here is another hypothesis of mine: If the Anunnaki posses advanced technology far beyond what humans have, they would not reveal it until it was getting close to the time of the reset, or the end game, or the end of the world. Why not? Because it might give their rivals the time to counter their plans, if they exposed their weapons and tech too early. Is it a coincidence that modern humans have been around for so long, millions of years according to some credible archeologists, but we have only started advancing our technology and industry in leaps and bounds since the Industrial Revolution? Also, look at how fast computer tech, medicine and other technical sciences have been exploding over the last 25 years or so. It almost looks like some great library of knowledge has only recently been made available to humans. If we have Anunnaki alive today, in Rothschild mansions, under the Vatican or wherever, then it makes perfect sense that much of this knowledge is coming from occult troves, and that this knowledge, as well as the global push toward Luciferianism, is all taking place at this critical point in time. At the end of Revelation, who is standing at the top of the heap except for Yahweh / Enlil / Saturn? Why not contrive an enemy called Satan, so that Yahweh can defeat him at the end and claim he is the god of this world? That is called a False Flag, and what a coincidence that this idea of subterfuge also just happens to come from Rome.


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