Mandela Effect: My Mandela Effect Experience by Link

What is your Mandela Effect experience? Write your personal MEs in a comment, and I will post them!


I recall ‘Revenge of the Jedi’ on toys before the move came out, but they changed that because Jedis weren’t supposed to take revenge and the movie was renamed to Return of the Jedi. You can find toys with ‘Revenge’ on them if you look.

A lot of these effects have a simpler explanation. I was surprised to notice it was ‘Froot Loops’ not too long ago, but I probably didn’t pay that much attention to the spelling on the box before. I never really paid much attention to the spelling of Berenstain. I think what we may be doing is paying more attention now, and all the products that are spelled weird that we didn’t notice now get labeled as Madela effects.

The same goes with Bible quotes. I remember looking up the wolf thing, recently, and reading that there was an old hymn about the lion lying down with the lamb. We could say that was some kind of time line adjustment, or maybe its just one of those passages people tend to get wrong. But I did find someone posting a German verse that had the word for lion. We need to check for textual variants. If the Latin Vulgate said one thing and the Textus Receptus said something else, we’ll see these discrepencies.

And some people are saying a verse in the Bible changed when they remember another translation. Or they remember the Lord’s prayer from a certain liturgy or another gospel, and then are surprised at the wording of Matthew. I remember praying ‘as we forgive our debtors’ having memorized Matthew, when they said ‘tresspasses’ from the way they said it. I went to a non-liturgical church. They were used to praying it with that version of the wording.

We are dealing with things translated from Aramaic or Hebrew into Greek by different Gospel authors, and then how those verses were translated into Hebrew. For verses form the Gospels, check all four Gospels before attributing it to the Mandela effect please.

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I recall the fist on forehead. I have found a number of literary references to it. George Bernard Shaw posed nude, imitating the statue, for a photograph, He has a fist on his forehead like the ‘old’ statue had. I found a couple of novels that mentioned The Thinker pose as fist on forehead or hand on forehead. Wikipedia had a quote up earlier today that mentioned the clenched fist in the statue, but it wasn’t there this evening.

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