Rita Louise: Holy Deception, Gods Or Aliens?

YT description: Dr Rita Louise just released “Holy Deception” and we discuss in detail, the description above.

“Have we been lied to our whole lives?
We all share a collective belief in a creative force that is responsible for establishing all we see and experience. This presence, in the western world, is called “God”. Is our current perception of God actually a flight of fantasy? Could we have been deceived and our notion of a kind and benevolent omnipotent creator god be fallacious?”

5 Chief Gods described throughout ancient texts, scriptures and symbology found across time.

Sky Gods = Human looking
Fertility Gods = Half Man Half Snake Half Man Half Fish
Monster Gods = Giants, Dwarfs, other Creatures
Underworld Gods = No detailed description.


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Title: Holy Deception – Gods or Aliens ? Technology or Miracles ? Dr Rita Louise (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.

Rita Louise: Holy Deception, Gods Or Aliens? – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 53 minutes. Good conversation here, with one excellent show host and researcher interviewing another. The talk is mostly broad and general, flowing from the idea of creator gods and syncretism from various ancient mythologies, to defining the concept of Source. Louise makes a great point at just over 20 minutes in. If these ancient civilizations such as Egypt, India and Sumeria were barely inventing writing, that doesn’t mean their mythologies sprung up right before that point. Compare that to Judaism, where the fables were circulating in oral tradition for some 700 years roughly, before the Jews wrote their tales down circa 200 BCE. Louise later gives her insight into Native America and Australian Aborigine myths.

One point that gives me pause is Louise’s idea that people started to become less spiritual when they went from hunter-gatherers to a society based on agriculture. This would lead to the creation of rain gods, harvest gods, fertility gods, etc., but I will have to contemplate over this a little more.

Toward the last part of the interview, Louise speaks about her talent in psychic healing and the spirits that she communicates with from other dimensions. These spirits sound a lot like the guys I deal with during my Automatic Writing sessions, although Louise doesn’t seem to have as much conflict with hers as I do with mine. I will have to think about this as well.


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