Manly Hall: Thought Forms And Psychic Ghosts

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YT description: Thought Forms and Psychic Ghosts, the Things from the Mental Domain, by Manly P. Hall

Title: [Occult Lecture] Thought Forms and Psychic Ghosts, the Things from the Mental Domain (YT link) Uploaded by Free Audio Books For Intellectual Exercise.

Manly Hall: Thought Forms And Psychic Ghosts – (2014) 2 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 45 minutes. There are times when Hall puts forth some very compelling information. However, there are other times when it seems that Hall is deliberately gate-keeping and trying to deflect matters from one focus to a more benign one. That’s the case here. For a man who is an expert at mysticism, spiritualism and occultism, he sure avoids all three of those important categories during this lecture. Instead, he narrows down the talk to cover only the human psyche, and doesn’t really elaborate on thought forms or ghosts at all.

These are the ideas that I agree with. Hall and Stephan Hoeller have given tremendous talks regarding the imagination and how it affects reality. I agree that a lot of people produce their own destiny through their viewpoint, whether it be positive or negative. This goes along with Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and with the idea that thoughts become things. I agree that we have an aura that influences people by proximity and I believe that thought forms can be created by concentrated intention. Thought forms can be manifested in negative ways through curses and spells, and in positive ways through prayer and meditation. Hall concedes that reality is multi-faceted, but he doesn’t go far enough in his talk. It isn’t all about human psychology.

Let me tell you why. First off, bad things happen to good people. Do good people create their own disasters, or do they manifest things such as crappy leaders or financial crisis that disrupt their mortgages and marriages? Does a child manifest his or her own abuse by corrupt adults around him? No, these sorts of maladies come from outside the person. I would argue that if a person gives off too much in a positive aura, especially when they are children and vulnerable, people or entities that are negative will move in to quash that potential bright light. So much for free will!

Hall talks about pollution, for much too long if you ask me. I agree that a good mindset, eating the right food and exercising regularly are part of maintaining a positive aura. However, I don’t agree with the analogy that a poisoned planet is like a poisoned individual. This implies that everyone on the planet is equal, and that our range of attributes is more or less the same, or very narrow. This is not true. If there is something wrong with your arm, for example, you have to deal with it promptly because it is part of your body. If something is wrong in Australia, what are you realistically going to do about that? This is like amoeba in a Petrie dish affecting a whole other Petrie dish. We have boundaries such as mountains and oceans separating great numbers of people. If the US Department Of Defense is the biggest polluter on the planet, which it is, what is a person or a tribe or a country in Asia or Africa going to do to stymie that? Absolutely nothing! This idea that we can all come together and hold hands and suddenly the world will start smiling again is a fallacy. The ranges of hate and division, not to mention dogma and government, will never allow for that kind of change to occur. Only a higher being like a god could bring the world together and force it into the positive side of the pendulum.

Hall’s idea is that human thoughts are flowing out all over the universe like radio waves. Really? According to science, Earth is 4 billion years old. Also according to science, the universe we live in is 16 billion years old. That means there might be beings out there that are 12 billion years older than us. If it is true that thoughts are flying all over the universe, don’t you think alien thoughts would be battering our heads all the time? Human thoughts are going to reach other planets? Bullshit. If this were true, surely we would have received radio waves or photon waves or some sort of communications from the stars that people with similar development to humans could be sending to us. Every once in a blue moon, the people at SETI were getting a short, regular signal, but that was extremely rare. This idea that people on Mars are watching our TV shows is ridiculous, let along catching our thoughts.

If you go with the Prison Planet / Saturn Cube theories, then nothing gets past Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts. That means nothing, as in physical objects, souls, or thoughts. People say they can channel entities from the stars, or that UFOs from other planets are visiting us. Maybe they are, but for the most part, all of that cannot be solidly proven or quantified scientifically. There is nothing that we see or hear or channel that could not have come from Earth, from Higher Selves, Angels, Demons, whatever. If channeled information was so great, why aren’t we living in a utopia right now? What big secrets have physical aliens or telepathic aliens given to humans? Do we really think that aliens only come by to visit presidents and make secret deals, when the truth is that many of the biggest UFO crashes took place right next to US Air Force bases that were working on Top Secret projects involving aviation or weather?

As I said, Hall turns this into a ‘think happy thoughts and you’ll have a happy life’ sort of psychology lesson. I don’t think so. That scenario is completely flawed, as ever since the beginning of time, people have written down accounts of entities such as gods or demons or ghosts that were external to the historians writing the stories. Some of these could be explained away as thought forms, if there was a strong intent or a blood ritual to create that energy. Too many of those historical and mythological accounts give origins for where those beings came from, as in other dimensions or other planets. This idea that everything can be trimmed down to Western psychological thinking deliberately ignores or obfuscates so much evidence to the contrary. As studied as Hall is in his exploration of the esoteric, I cannot help thinking that much of his talk was self-censored and meant to keep people thinking they are learning something important, when in fact they are only listening to the tip of an iceberg that is much bigger than what is being talked about.

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