Gnostic: Robert Bonomo – Anarchism And Gnosticism

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Although mostly nonpolitical, the ancient Gnostics might find today civic kinship with the modern Anarchist movements. After all, the ancient Gnostics rejected all earthly and heavenly systems, demanding that their divine spark (rights) remain solely with the individual; and that all power corrupted and thus needed to be negated or pushed back against the establishments in one way or another. We make the case for Anarchism being the political home for any modern Gnosticism, in a world collapsing under the weight of vast and grinding and rusty political machines.

Astral Guest– Robert Bonomo, author of Your Love Incomplete and Cactus Land.

Title: Anarchism and Gnosticism: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Robert Bonomo: Anarchism And Gnosticism – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: Here is a thought for you. There was a time when the masses were turning toward the Gnostic Jesus and becoming Enlightened as they sought the answers to the bigger questions within themselves. The authorities of Rome came in and usurped the original concept and shit all over it. They re-branded their shit in a nice, shiny package and the Sheep ate it up. When Rome said it was time to destroy the Library of Alexandria and to kill all the critics and heretics who did not accept their version of god, the Sheep obediently got to work. Now, take a look at what the US has created with the crowds of the Politically Correct, the Soros Justice Warriors, the Feminists and the Liberals. Do you really see a difference there as far as attitudes and tractability go?

Another thought: I see a small percentage of people becoming more Enlightened. At the same time, I see a growing percentage of people becoming more barbaric. Does this mean there will always be a balance? The godlier some people become has to equal out in some way so that the more animalistic others must become?

I thought I was going to get through this interview without a major brain fart. Well, here it is. All the way at the end, in the last minute or two, host Conner brings up the idea that the Matrix movies showed us there was a god above god. He takes it one step further in theorizing that there might be a god above god, above god. Is such a thing possible?

I think it has to be this way. The fallacy we have in the Western way of thinking is that we are one level below god. This encompasses all of the false Abrahamic religions, where if we die, suddenly we are face to face with Source. The idea of reincarnation, soul fractals and a Hologram Universe all argue against this being true. Everything works in vibrations. This can also be seen as variances, reflections or angles. Let that sink in. You can create a thousand pieces of music based on only three chords. How much more can you produce with raising or lowering a vibration or several vibrations by an infinitesimal amount? How many angles could you create by playing String Theory like a harp?

Look at it this way. We live in a virtual reality. This is mathematically proven because our brains are not hard drives but simply keyboards used to access a higher or hidden consciousness. That means we are fed information on a need to know basis, depending on where we are in life and what we are capable of handling. You see Bonomo telling us about his mystical experience when he was a teen, but not being able to come to grips with it until he reached 40. A person has to be partly Awake just to start asking for help and getting this sort of information.

So, we are living through a virtual reality video game. Pick your favorite video game, like Pac Man, Tour Of Duty, whatever. You have a beginning, a middle and an end, just like a movie or a book. This is Time as we know it in the West, in a linear form. You are born, you live your life, you do some good things and some bad things, you die and you are cycled around again to start over. In some philosophies, it is a good thing to start over so you can learn more, but in others, you are trapped and forced to do it this same way repeatedly. The point is we are only in one single video game. Who knows how many similar games are in the entire arcade? There could be six or a dozen or a hundred of them. That’s when you start going into 4D and above. We cannot be aware of anything past 3D because that is part of the program. P.K. Dick thought we were stuck in the same place for 2000 years. How would we know if that was true or not, if we were caught inside the loop? What if you are living your same life 50 times and don’t know it, but you have the free will to make different changes in each life so the outcome changes? Could deja vu be a glitch or a part of reminding you that you’ve been in that same exact place before?

Here are another couple of curveballs, if that wasn’t enough to rattle your head. What if the light at the end of the tunnel is another vagina? This would mean the cycle is perpetual until somebody shuts off the machine. What if our reincarnations are not linear but random? This means today you are living in the 21st century, but in your next life you bounce back to the Stone Age, or you zoom forward 500 years into the future. This would be part of the Novelty where you still have lessons to learn, but the environment is going to be completely different so you won’t get bored or have to relive the same life over and over. It is the same actors on a different stage, and wearing different costumes. Do you see how the system is contained, as in a song or a book or a movie or a video game? Theoretically, there would have to be a dimension greater than our 3D world, because we have been catching the glitches for a very long time now and seeing other small glimpses of dimensions around us. We would not be able to see a 5D universe because we cannot comprehend 4D at this point, and we are probably incapable of fully absorbing 4D in our physical world and with our physical bodies.

What are angels, demons, ghosts and Archons? We think we know, but we cannot be 100% sure because these are in the 4D universe. These phantom entities could be coming from our Higher Selves, to give us positive reinforcement or negative obstacles in order for us to learn whatever lesson we are being taught. On the other hand, these phantoms could be creations of the video game itself, for the same purposes. A 5D super-sentient being would potentially need a 4D tool to tinker with 3D reality, to keep the 3D people from seeing the inner workings of the machine / motherboard / CPU that keeps the game going. Those would come in the form of synchronicity, epiphanies, abstract dreams, divine experiences, etc. Everything is a prod to move you to the next step, unless you are a stubborn mule or a supporting actor or a 2D person who is here to give others variances as they go along in their lives. This is why you have all these dummies worried about football or Pokemon when we have much greater problems affecting us. The 2D people are never going to wake up, because that’s the way it has been historically.

Only 9% of the US population fought against the British in the War of Independence! The 3D people are the ones that make the biggest difference, unless they’re being Chemtraled, flouridated and have their pineal glands calcified! A lot of The Powers That Be seem to be 2D people, like the Bomber and Hildabeast. This is why there are puppets that always do what they’re told. Look at Hildabeast. She’s 70 years old and falling apart, and she has all these scandals plaguing her and destroying her little empire that she’s created. I don’t think her drive is all that fierce anymore. I think she should have dropped out of the race a long time ago, but she has it in her mind to ride it out, despite her ailing health, because she wants to begin World War III for the bankers to regain control of the population. We see her ‘glitching’ around, and yet she still puts herself out there for more abuse. Look at how many scandals she would have avoided if she’d quit after it was revealed she rigged the selection process against Bernie. The Bomber and Hildeabeast are totally programmed, but are their programmers inside or outside the Matrix?

I don’t want to harp on this, but it is what I keep coming back to as an end all, be all for this reality. You have two choices to make: Service To Others or Service To Self. The only place you can ever really exist is in the Now. You can’t go into the past and you can’t go into the future, you can only affect your Now and the Now of the people closest to you. Whatever lies outside the Matrix doesn’t matter unless you can go out there and change it. That means you’re stuck in here for the time being, with the rest of us. Make yourself happy and make others happy around you, or be a bad guy if that’s what you think you incarnated for. This whole system seems to be set up on parallels and duality, full of highs and lows and good and bad. If we didn’t have this variety / Novelty, we would all be living on a flat plane like a single musical note droning on forever. You came here with a purpose. It might be a small purpose such as caring for a sick person, or a grand purpose where you contribute to a large number of people. Whatever that purpose is you have to figure out for yourself, because it is an individual purpose and nobody else can live your life for you. As a writer, I like to think ‘every day I write my own paycheck.’ For you non-writers, I’ll say ‘be the star of the movie of your life.’ This is your movie, your life, and you are the star of the picture. Don’t let anybody tell you any different!

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