One People Round Table: Nov 1 – More Interactions With Leeloo

Lots of haters on the YT page. Wow, people sure don’t like their false paradigms questioned. At least the OPRT crowd is shaking off all the fickle Mandela Effect wannabes.


YT description: Lots of updates info from Leeloo

Title: One People Round Table 1 Nov 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: More Interactions With Leeloo – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 50 minutes. I am a little tired, so I’m only going to pick out the topics that resonate the strongest. My notes:

18 minutes in – I also agree that Home is outside the construct of the Hologram Universe. All versions of Heaven or Paradise are man-made. We cannot imagine a 4D dimension from a 3D virtual reality / video game. This whole description of collapsing layers and fleeing controllers sounds plausible as far as my experience and research go.

37 minutes – Dani mentions having felt fever symptoms over this last weekend, while the audience mentions various physical maladies. I remember going through a happy midday, maybe last Friday, and a very depressed Friday night. The change in mood was unexpected and felt like an emotional roller coast. Over the weekend I also thought I was catching a fever. My brain felt warm and I felt dizzy while I was talking to others. I thought other people were seeing that something felt wrong with me but I guess not. Interesting that Lisa mentions mucus. I’ve been having excessive mucus for some 3 months now. I thought that and the fever symptoms were being caused by the Chemtrails.

1:08 – I have people around me telling me not to delve to deeply into esoteric topics. This is a very important point. Some of us are here to take chances. This scared the babies out there so much that they make it a huge point to belittle our efforts. Babies don’t like being shaken out of their comfort zones.

1:49 – Lisa tells us not to focus on what the bad guys are doing. The BS emerging from the Hildabeast emails are really giving me a difficult time in continuing my blog. There is so much negative energy in the US elections that I don’t feel like covering any of it anymore.

2:24 – I agree that we are all given experience. One thing leads to another, or every step leads to a successive step.

2:29 – It sounds like many people are having trouble detaching from this Earth. If this feeling of possessiveness persists, that is how people’s residual energies become ghosts, and maybe their souls as well. A similar understanding can also be seen in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead.

2:35 – The description of Home is given. With empathetic communication and a plethora of sensory coloring, this sounds very much like a DMT experience.

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