Jon Rappoport: Expert Breakdown Of Clinton Satanic Spirit Cooking

As usual, Jones yaps and yaps. He should have given Rappaport at least ten good minutes to talk instead of cutting him off every 30 seconds.

Here’s the thing, sheep. I’ve trace blood sacrifice and the offering of the firstborn all the way back to Biblical Canaan. It went through Rome and was later revived by the Khazarian Jews that run Israel today. Rappaport makes this ritual out to be something from Crowley, but that’s not the full story. This is the ideology of the false god Yahweh from the Old Testament, who commanded blood sacrifice from his worshipers ALL THE TIME. It is time to wake up, sheep.


Title: Occult Expert Breaks Down Clinton Satanism, Spirit Cooking (YT link) Uploaded by The Alex Jones Channel.

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