Prophecy: World War III And The 10 Kings Of Revelation

YT description: For a while Putin turned against the New World Order even vowing to destroy it. But could it be a power struggle or land grab? This is the first of a series where we will examine World events from a prophet perspective. The prophet Daniel and even Jesus saw these last days’ events in astonishing details but often looked over by the masses. The latest threat on Russia’s door step is NATO in an apparent land-grab for the EU region, One of ten global regions that will be ruled by one World Leader. It seems that the vision of the Christ ruling the World with a “rod of iron” has yet to be manifest so Rome has planned for years to fill Christ Jesus position with its own man – the Antichrist.
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Russia’s Foreign Minister:…
Ten Kingdoms:…
Club of Rome Map: https://iamnotashamedofthegospelofchr…
Putin World Order:…
UN 10 regions map page 55:…

Title: NATO Threatens Putin in a Struggle for New World Order Dominance (YT link) Uploaded by Israel News Live.


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