United States: DNC’s John Podesta Connection To Satanic Sex Cult

If you don’t think the Clintons are involved in this, go back to watching CNN, sheep.


Occult code:

Hotdog = boy

pizza = girl

cheese = little girl

pasta = little boy

ice cream = male prostitute

“walnut” or “nuts” = person or people of color

map = semen

sauce = orgy


YT comments:

stuff is being removed from google and you tube. also searches are being blocked – Not Me

Haitian CHILDREN abducted BY CLINTON’S after the Earthquake ! Now we know what happened to these POOR CHILDREN ! Sick MUTHER FUN%ERS – Ms Saudm (Note Masonic number of 33 children in video.)


YT description: One of Hillary Clinton’s staff members, John Podesta, has been revealed to have ties to a satanic sex cult ritual. The woman that engages in these activities is known as Marina Abramovic and has a long history of cult activities and weird “performance art” acts.

Title: Hillary Clinton Spirit Cooking – Wikileaks Ties DNC’s John Podesta to Satanic Cult Ritual (YT link) Uploaded by The Last Stand.

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