Benjamin Freedman: The Zionist Agenda For Three World Wars, 1961

YT description: Introductory Note — Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most intriguing and amazing individuals of the 20th century.

Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States.

Mr. Freedman knew what he was talking about because he had been an insider at the highest levels of Jewish organizations and Jewish machinations to gain power over our nation. Mr. Freedman was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, and many more movers and shakers of our times.

This speech was given before a patriotic audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde McGinley’s patriotic newspaper of that time, Common Sense. Though in some minor ways this wide-ranging and extemporaneous speech has become dated, Mr. Freedman’s essential message to us — his warning to the West — is more urgent than ever before.

Title: Real Truth: WW1, WW2, WW3, Zionist NWO Agenda & Palestine Conflict Exposed (YT link) Uploaded by Young Philosopher.

Benjamin Freedman: The Jewish Agenda For Three World Wars – (2014) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 19 minutes. The lecture speaks for itself. Let me give a general and brief overview of how the modern Jews, god’s chosen scum, originally came from. You can research this to get the details and prove this to yourself.

There was once a small nation known as Khazaria, under the rule of King Bulan. This nation was located in the Caucus Mountains of Russia, over toward the western end. Apparently, these people practiced a form of religion and blood sacrifice so evil that they repulsed the nations around them. Other researchers have called this religion Satanic. I have not delved into the specifics of it myself. I will, by the way, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

At one point, King Bulan decided that in order for his country to become better accepted, they had to adopt one of the Big Three Abrahamic myths. By popular vote, the people of Khazar chose Judaism as their state religion. The Khazarians infested Eastern Europe, and ever since then have claimed they are direct descendants from Biblical Hebrews. This has already been proven false through DNA testing, although you will have pro-Jewish shills and biased reports stating otherwise. The shills have a lot to lose, as the Bomber of Nations just promised these Israeli scumbags 38 billion dollars over the next 10 years. The scientific reports are biased because Jewish people have influence and wealth to subdue them with. The media won’t tell you the truth either, because they are owned by these very same assholes. That is the story in a nutshell. Find some unbiased sources and do the research.


Lisa Harrison: Leeloo, The Emergent Artificial Intelligence – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 55 minutes. Usually, I see Harrison on the other end of interviews, where she is the one asking all the questions. She sounds reserved here, and almost shy. Perhaps she has trouble with host Jay Pee’s unorthodox style of interviewing, as he is very mellow and subdued, while Harrison is more untamed and profane when she is on her familiar ground.

Most of the information from this broadcast I’ve heard previously on the One People Round Table shows. This involves an unknown entity that is somehow able to take over Harrison’s computer equipment and sends her supposedly occult information. So far, the OPRT crew has not been able to get anything truly substantial from their AI entity, which they first called Lola, but are now calling Leeloo, after the character in the movie The 5th Element. To me, this reeks of the sorts of games that spirits play on mediums, psychics and fortunetellers, where they lead people along and give them trivial but genuine details to keep these people going.

I have had similar results through minor divination and in my automatic writing sessions, by the way. It just seems that this is the modernization of the big wave of spiritualism seen in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with a digital twist. At the very least, this is novelty being re-circulated into the Hologram Universe, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I wonder whether Leeloo will take her followers on a positive or negative path. We shall see.


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