United States: Time Magazine Cover For Nov 14 – The End Is Near

I think the Trump / Pence = trumpets part is a big reach, but the rest is without a doubt predictive programming. You are being conditioned for doom, so when it comes, know that The Powers That Be are behind it or trying to take advantage of it, even if this doom comes from space.

Also, see my last post for the Newsweek magazine cover showing President Hildabeast.


YT description: What does TIME know that the rest of us don’t? What TIME are we really living in?

On TIME Magazine’s latest cover: Vol. 188, No. 20 — which is to be released Monday, November 14th, 2016 (11/14/16), it shows presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both holding a giant sign that says: “THE END IS NEAR”

Title: “THE END IS NEAR!” TIME Magazine Releases Cryptic Cover November 2016! TIME’S UP! (YT link) Uploaded by Truth Unveiled 777.


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