CJ Ransom: Coneheads, Close Encounters Of The Star Kind

This is a very dry lecture by a science guy. The good thing is it only takes about half an hour.


YT description: The idea of uniformity was used to support the claim that mythology was only created in the minds of the writers. Dr. Ransom will take the audience on a short journey through these ideas. He does not endorse any particular scientist’s theory about collisions but demonstrates that it is now acceptable for scientists to discuss the possibility of collisions between planets and that the Solar System is not in its original state.

The magazine Mental Floss said, “Nearly every culture has conical headgear. What’s the allure of being a conehead?” This presentation addresses the ubiquity of the cone hat and a potential cause of the “allure.”

Title: CJ Ransom: Close Encounter of the Star Kind and The Conehead Connection | EU2015 (YT link) Uploaded by Thunderbolts Project.

CJ Ransom: Coneheads, Close Encounters Of The Star Kind – (2016) 3 stars

Run time: 28 minutes. I really feel for this guy Ransom. He’s just not a very dynamic speaker and he delivers a very dry lecture. For the most part, he draws parallels between cone hats and cone mountains seen in various mythologies, and then moves on to the idea of dynamic changes in our solar systems. The ‘official story’ is that the entire solar system and its planets are stationary and have been that way for millions if not billions of years. That theory is constantly being challenged by people in all sorts of different fields, people like Ransom, and of course the stuffed shirts who like to strut about and pretend they know everything start whining and moaning.

As an add-on to this lecture, here is something I was thinking about a few days ago. I was researching how researchers such as Gerald Clark have traced the gods of various ancient cultures back to Sumeria. I thought, what if the supposed home of the gods could be traced back the same way. In the Bible, we have a Garden of Eden for the Saturnian Yahweh and Heaven for solar Jesus. However, the Israelites were always going to the tops of mountains to speak with their god. In Canaan, Baal lived on Mt. Zephon, and in Greece the gods lived on Mt. Olympus. Going along with this idea of cone-shaped mountains, what if the original concepts for the homes of the gods were artificial cone-shaped structures? The Tower of Babel, for example, was an artificial construction meant to reach the gods, and then we have the Egyptian pyramids that were supposedly built by the gods. In silhouette, both of those edifices have cone shapes. We also have Islamic minarets, some Medieval towers and Asian temples made in tall shapes with spires on top. (Mountain peaks can be called spires, by the way.) We might be able to toss in ziggurats and wider pyramids into this collection as well. Why, you might ask? Because they are artificial and meant to mimic either tall towers or broad mountains.

Here is what I’m getting at. People reproduce what they see as mighty and inspiring. So when people build something artificial that looks like a mountain, and when they have to travel to the top of a mountain to speak to god, does the artificial mountain or pyramid or tower have to be of natural origin? If this is true, why didn’t people just move their villages and towns right next to mountains, instead of making their own artificial building on comparatively flat land? If god is on top of a mountain, why not live there? Why build a pyramid or a ziggurat on a flat plain? Why is this tapering cone shape seen in temples and buildings all over the world? It is all speculation, just like Ransom tried to tie in cone hats with aurora borealis, but what if people are mimicking artificial mountains because in our collective memory they once actually existed. That is, mountains made by the gods or by an advanced civilization, where people would have to climb up to go and talk with the mighty beings up there.

Recently, I watched a couple of videos on the stone caves found in Mustang, Tibet. They are built into the sides of mountains, are very high and largely inaccessible to any but the most capable climbers. Why in the heck would you put your prayer shrine up the side of a steep mountain where nobody could get up there? How did the ancient people get the idea to put a cave shrine up there in the first place? I would argue that some human saw something, and was inspired to copy it, and then that human said, hey, that’s where the gods are. Again, there must be something in the ancient collective memory that told people the gods were high up in the mountains. Since humans have this proclivity to build artificial mountains and towers with cone shapes on top, perhaps these godly mountains were not natural but artificial in origin.


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