Hexen Hammer: Occultist View On Podesta’s Spirit Cooking Crap

HH is what you would call an intellectual Satanist. Don’t watch if you can’t handle that. A lot of people are calling him out on his stance that Spirit Cooking is all about performance art and nothing about occult ritual. HH tends to be very rigid in his viewpoints, and I would argue against his position as well. What these people are doing in public may be called performance art, but as Marina Abramic said, it becomes ritual when the same thing is done in a private setting. Besides, we have the magic concepts of intent and thought forms to consider, which HH doesn’t mention at all. I have no doubt that we are seeing a public parody of what goes on behind closed doors. In fact, based on what I know and what HH should know as a Satanist, I think his commentary is damage control to swerve listeners in a contrary direction.


YT description: He has neither the sense nor principles to understand the occult.
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Title: John Podesta’s Nonsensical Spirit Cooking Crap (YT link) Uploaded by Styx Hexen Hammer 666.

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