Mandela Effect: Was Marilyn Monroe Petite Or Plus Size?

AT has a tough time deciding whether or not this is a Mandela Effect. I am 100% sure she was. All through the 1980s, my mom would take me to the local swap meets, where I would see vendors selling portraits of Monroe and Elvis Presley. When I saw Monroe’s image, I thought I was in Hooter Heaven. I still have a scrapbook of sketches featuring a busty blonde based on her from that time period. NONE of the current pictures matches the pictures I envision in my mind from back in those days.

But that’s not all, peeps. Over the last, oh 3 to 4 years, I have specifically looked up Marilyn Monroe twice for fiction novels I was writing. For a horror novel, I looked up pictures of pre-Monroe Norma Jean and her later celebrity pics for an idea of how to describe her. For an erotic novel, I looked up her celeb pics again, as well as her weight and measurements. I don’t recall her weight, but I do know she was a size 16, because that’s what I wrote in my novel.

Also, see my previous post:

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Title: Abnormal Truth – Marilyn Monroe Mandela Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Abnormal Truth.


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