Mark Passio: De-Mystifying The Occult, Part 3

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YT description: Mark Passio’s web site:

Title: Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – Part 3 of 3 (YT link) Uploaded by Mark Passio.

Mark Passio: De-Mystifying The Occult – (2014) 4 stars

Part 3. Run time: 1 hour, 45 minutes. Passio starts going through a number of mission patches with occult symbolism on them.

21 minutes in – We see a patch for 23D Space Operations. Besides the deciphering Passio points out, let me toss in a Mandela Effect sighting. Where the heck is New Zealand, and what is that solid island above Australia?

27 minutes – Passio starts up on talking about the Tarot.

34 minutes – Passio calls the number 11 / 11 as the Lightworker’s Call. I have not experienced this specific sign personally, but I know a lot of people claim that they have. This idea of putting 11 cards onto the Cabbalistic Tree of Life sounds intriguing, by the way.

Generally speaking, I am not that versed in the Kabbalah or the Tree of Life. I have done some study into Tarot, enough that I have written a fiction novel with aspects of beginning Tarot in it, but I have not delved into either category too in depth. I am watching this presentation until its conclusion, but I have a feeling a lot of this stuff will probably not stick in my head. There is just too much information here.

1:06 – Passio compares the Tower card with 9/11. I think this analysis is very accurate.

1:15 – The lecture ends and a Q and A session starts up.

1:34 – Passio states that the Satanic world view is that this is a Prison Planet. That is an interesting point of view, because a lot of us metaphysical Truthers are trying to expose such a system so that people will see the difference between Materialism and Spirituality.

1:35 – Here is one of the biggest points you should remember, regarding cosmic karma. The bad guys GIVING the orders are not as bad as the sheep FOLLOWING the orders. This is why the bad guys conquer and divide us, and why they keep us bickering among ourselves for their scraps.

1:40 – Passio has already made a lot of inflammatory remarks. This is a pretty harsh one as well; peaceful protests are worthless. I like the idea of peaceful protests, but as we have seen in the last few years of the Police State, they change nothing. Like Passio alludes to, people bring their protest signs and chant, while the thug cops bring their riot gear and crowd control devices.


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