Gnostic: The Sophia Creation Story (Partially Animated)

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YT description: Based on the Gnostic texts, with support from the research of John L Lash, and consultation with Robert Lawlor, this is a personalized version of the Creation Story through the Divine Feminine perspective. For more detail regarding Sophia Lineage and group processes around Sacred Earth Activism:

Title: Sophia Creation Story, Animation —; music, (YT link) Uploaded by Lila Sophia Tresemer.

The Sophia Creation Story (Animated) – (2015) 4 stars

Run time: 32 minutes. The animation is interspersed with video of Lila Tresemer giving us her commentary on the Sophia Creation story. This is good, because there are places where the expounding of concepts clarifies a great deal. The video is set up like a New Age sort of lecture and the animation is breathtaking and existential. The Fall of Man as described by Christians could very well be the point at which Sophia left her state of Oneness and became part of the material world. The animation is a bit vague in that we don’t get some of the details of the Gnostic hierarchy, and the transition between Sophia and the Demiurge / Yaoldaboth is not well explained at all. All that is feminine and pure just changed into materialism with no explanation? Past that, it was an interesting watch.


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