United States: Jerry Liu Tells The Truth About Trump Supporters

YT description: In May, I went to a pro-Trump event just to see who would be there. Were Trump supporters all racist white people like the media portrayed? What I saw was a resounding no. These people were some of the most intelligent and diverse people ever. You know who wasn’t diverse? The SJWs who were protesting at the event. This rally I went to was one of the first times I saw what people thought of as the “moral majority” or the “silent majority.” These were people who didn’t speak out and complain and didn’t try to get triggered by everything. They just tried to listen and come election time, they voted. This is what most people didn’t see if they watched the news only. Trump supporters were every demographic that I didn’t expect. He had Hispanic supporters, Asians supporters, Black supporters, White supporters. He had people of all ages and even many LGBT supporters. Why? Because people in this country are sick of the censorship of thought and speech because a certain group gets offended. Grow up!

Title: The Truth About Trump Supporters – What I saw at a Pro-Trump Event (YT link) Uploaded by Jerry Liu.


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