United States: Why Trump Is Better Than The Hildabeast

YT description: Hillary Clinton brought carefully rehearsed social justice talking points and an array of attacks against Donald Trump, while Donald Trump brought real talk – on Twitter, in the debates, and in interviews. When he’s wrong he admits it – but most of the time, you just can’t stump the Trump.

It’s sad what Donald Trump supporters had to go through just to kick a corrupt media/DC/bribery grid to the curb, but we did it! Hillary Clinton is powerless now – she will never be an elected official again, the closest she’ll get to the White House will be watching an episode of “House of Cards.” Maybe Hillary enjoys Netflix n chill, when she’s not spiritcooking. The FBI under Trump can bring all of her disgusting filth to light, and put her away for a very, very long time. She tried to divide, and instead we set aside our many differences as a country and united around Donald Trump.

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Title: Donald Trump Is Better Than Shillary, Which Is Why He Sweeped! (YT link) Uploaded by David Seaman.


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