Mandela Effect: Evidence Of Mandela Effect Reality Flip-Flops

Don’t be afraid, peeps. We are going to keep seeing MEs, but I can’t say for how long. The difference here is that people are not jumping timelines en masse like there were at the end of 2015. Instead, individuals are crossing dimensions a few or maybe even one at a time. It almost feels as if some of us are being chased around, and our souls / angels / higher selves are keeping us out of harm’s way.

I think I went through at least two dimensional shifts over the last week and a half. Last week, some of the videos on the New Retro Wave YT channel, where I go to several times a day to listen to music, were out of order, had disappeared, or were suddenly added. The section of videos I’ve been looking at is from 2012, so they haven’t been moved around in some time. That’s 1.

For number 2, this just happened about 3 days ago. There is an unusual constellation to the east of where I am in San Diego. It is shaped like an acute triangle with the longest side on the bottom edge. About halfway along on that bottom edge are a string of 3 stars. I regularly go out and look at the sky, as in multiple times each evening and night, and this constellation was not there before.

Oh, here’s a strange anomaly from today. When I started posting this morning, there were no lines between Youtube comments. My computer has been lagging a lot for about a week now. In the early afternoon, suddenly there were lines separating every Youtube comment. I’ve never seen that before. Well, my browser conked out. Now that I have rebooted it, I see that there are no longer any lines between comments.


YT description: Our only proof is our memory unfortunately. If you stuck around to watch my rambling thank you so much and I’d love to hear your input! I apologize for how unorganized and rambling it sounded, I didn’t plan for this at all I was just freaking out and needed to share my experience with these flip/flops and disappearing evidence, browser history, youtube videos, and such.

Title: Creepy Mandela Effect Flip Flops (YT link) Uploaded by Karry Walls.


One comment on “Mandela Effect: Evidence Of Mandela Effect Reality Flip-Flops

  1. You see it where people post it at different times because when something flips then it effects history and people will notice it at different points in history. I know it seems far fetched but I think that’s how quantum physics work.

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