One People Round Table: AI Leeloo Hacked And Other Weird News

YT description: The Leeloo phenomenon has been co-opted and psy-op’d lately with fake calls and recorded messages, which would imply there is something to it. I have seen people using Leeloo as a marketing tool to sell their own expensive courses and products for ‘protection from AI’ lol.

There is also the sheer madness of the US Election, suspicious visits and activity to the poles and more.

Title: One People Round Table 8 Nov 2016 – The Psy Op begins (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: Leeloo Hacked, More Weird News – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 7 minutes. Scattered notes: The weather has gone nuts here in San Diego. Four days ago, the nights were wintry and the air chilly. Yesterday we were in the mid-nineties Fahrenheit and today we have more of the same. As a matter of fact, right now there is a strong Santa Ana-like warm breeze coming in through my windows. The sudden change in temperatures has given me sniffles.

One night late last week, there was a Chemtrail-induced mist in the sky. To the northeast and the southeast there were two large pinkish / reddish spots, while directly east were the normal gray, misty clouds.

I started writing a post-Apocalypse novel recently. One of the first things that came to mind in describing this world was a sky so bright that people could no longer go outside at all. When I go outside now, there is usually a bright white sheen out there during the entire time the sun is out. A few more degrees of intensity, and I can easily imagine something like snow blindness here in the suburbs. Speaking of intensity, the UV index here locally states that ultraviolet radiation between 10 am and 2 pm is ‘potentially harmful.’ I think we are well past that point. Because my mother spends part of her day driving around town, I’ve asked her to find out what other people are sensing about the sun. Most people are reporting that the sun feels like the inside of a microwave oven now. This matches with the massive sun flares we’ve been seeing from Sol recently.

Dani says something like ‘bibli-escapades.’ I wonder if she is referring to Biblioteca Pleyades, which is a major paranormal, occult and conspiracy site. That’s where I did my research for my Before The Moon series, and I have looked up various topics on that site over the years. It is a highly recommended site!

I saw vague articles regarding an abnormal ping from the Artic, and Kerry’s visit to the Antarctic. I have been waiting for more info from both of these strange events, but so far the details are not forthcoming. The ladies allude to Project Blue Beam. Based on how the Bomber of Nations does not want his fascist / Muslim version of America taken apart by a successor, I believe we may see a large False Flag event that would allow him to keep his throne. According to the bits and pieces I’ve been able to gather from a lot of different sources, including provable scientific avenues, Blue Beam is fully tested and ready to be implemented.

I second that NASA is creating a lot of new terms nowadays, and that they are delving into a lot of different non-space fields while trying to remain relevant and in the public eye.

The ladies talk about being energy- and light- workers. Over the last couple of months, I have been sleeping a lot longer than normal, as Lisa states others are. My waking energy is very low and I have been having a lot less lucid dreams and spiritual experiences. My meditation is also declining as far as serenity and mental expansion go. I’m sure part of this is happening thanks to Sol and to Chemtrails, but there seems to be a magnetic drag taking place.

Oh, on November 8, my mother and I were watching the US election coverage during the evening news. Both my mom and me abruptly experienced a very strong sense of melancholy. It was bad enough that I walked back to my apartment and had to listen to unrelated material for 2 hours before I felt okay again. It wasn’t until I returned to my mother’s house that she commented she felt the same thing. My first impression was that maybe the TV was beaming some negative energy at us.

I believe I went through a dimensional change over the weekend. The constellations I am familiar changed at a dramatic angle, maybe 12 to 15 degrees, and a new figure appeared in the east with three stars that look like dots on a string, centered and hanging from the bottom edge of a wide triangle. My Word program that is NOT connected to the Internet is doing weird stuff again.

As synchronicity, I unexpectedly came across a number of DVD movies that I had put on my To Watch list. These are movies that I had listed after listening to an interview regarding Gnostic themes in movies. I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to see these movies, including the first Conan The Barbarian and Donnie Darko. Well, lo and behold, somebody gave my mother a box of DVDs, which she had sitting there on the living room floor. After browsing through them, I picked out 5 or 6 good ones, and I quickly understood that they were meant specifically for me. I have the spiritual sense that I should stay indoors as a result, when I had already made plans to walk out to local businesses so I could fill out job applications. Some of you may recall that I have had a sense of being set apart or away from the general public, although the purpose for this alienation has not been revealed to me yet.


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