Humor: President Donald Trump Versus Mexico, 2017

Some people are saying this is anti-Trump, but I don’t think this is. This is good satire with stereotypes for everybody. Also, there are some inside jokes that only Americanized Mexicans will understand, like pop culture mixed in with traditional Mexican elements, as seen in the pyramid with the McDonald’s golden arches on it, the diplomat putting on a wrestling mask, the foul-mouthed Mexicans and the reference to El Chapulin Colorado as a Mexican superhero. I think Chicanos created this video just to piss both sides off, which is pretty cool since I count myself in that sub-group. Nothing is sacred here, so don’t watch if you’re easily offended.

The phrase the chicken says, a huevo cabron, translates roughly as ‘no shit, sherlock.’

I’ve got another funny video in here somewhere, with the idea of illegal Mexicans crossing the border in Spartan 300 style. If it is still available, I will post that next.


Title: Donald Trump Vs Mexico 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Repdomi.

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