Music, Electronic: Varien – Beyond The Surface

Nice track, great vocals. I see this song is difficult to set into a genre. Some are describing it as Glitch Hop or New Age, or Alternative. I don’t think its any one of those. It is in a Dubstep playlist, but it sounds more like Trip Hop to me. It is good!


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Title: Varien – Beyond the Surface (feat. Aloma Steele) (YT link) Uploaded by Varien.


My stage at hand;
With guardians to keep me keenest
I understand
The limits of the timeless meanings

Love is made
For us, for them
It keeps us sane
Until the end

But what lies beyond?

I’m not made to cease
So perish the thought of
Empty visions
In this disease
We’re taught the rules of
This life’s mission

In books we’ve read
and scriptures told
The ink is spread
It’s raised in bold

But what lies beyond?

Blackened into white
Quiet in the night
Breathe into a life
Guides me to the right places

I will not allow
Settling in clouds
Drifting in the loudest
Of crowded spaces

Silence is gone

But what lies beyond?

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