Planet X: WSO Update Nov 11 – Interview With A Real Nephilim

I think Phil Schneider could have been legit. Bob Lazar… I don’t know about that guy. I have no doubt that Olson is sincere in what he reports, but take Daniel’s interview with a grain of salt.


YT description: This may be the most important whistle blower in recent memory…Meet Daniel, a hybrid human. He claims to be more than half Annunaki…but, hold on to your toupee – he also was a MIB engineer that worked with Phil Schneider, on DUMBs, and on IR telescopes. Prepare to be blown away. This is exclusive WSO content – all rights reserved no reposting or reuse without express written permission of WSO and Steve Olson.

Title: WSO Nov 11 – Interview with a Nephilim (part 1) WSO EXCLUSIVE (YT link) Uploaded by Steve Olson.


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