Antarctica: Nations Extend 35 Year Ban – To Keep Trump Out?

The speculation is mine, but think about this. Scumbag of State Kerry goes to Antarctica on Election Day. He hangs out to see which way the election goes, Hildabeast loses and now we have an extension of 35 mores years to keep the public out of there. Why do Secretaries of State rush out at the last minute to other nations? To make last minute deals, that’s why. So a deal was made out there with other nations, and it has nothing to do with the official story of preserving native fish and fowl.

I can speculate with the best of them as to why this happened: World War III, Planet X, Project Blue Beam, Alien Invasion, etc., with Antarctica as a potential safe space for the Elite while the Sheep fight it out in the rest of the world. I think they might have found working machines from another civilization more advanced than ours, and possibly weapons as well.

Translated from Chinese in a Wikileaks e-mail: THE ICEBERG DISSOLVES RAPIDLY

Maybe those alleged pyramids will be accessible sometime soon.

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United States: Pictures Of Antarctica Found In Wikileaks E-Mails


YT description: The recent John Kerry 11-7-2016 departure trip to Antarctica by discussing the new agreed upon Nation State Treaty, banning private ships from traveling to Antarctica without advanced authorized permission to do so, for a period of 35 years.

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Title: The Antarctic Ban for another 35 Years to cover up The Secrets from The Past (YT link) Uploaded by UFO Mania.


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