Crow Podcast 23: Freemasonry, Encoding Religion With Astronomy

YT description: In this episode I cover free masonry, religion and astronomy to include the zodiac and sun. In part two I show that the Masonic brotherhood has encoded movies, media and nearly all information and entertainment sources of the modern age. Is this true of religion as well? I also out what may be the ultimate secret of Free Masonry known only to the highest members above royal arch degrees to include their encoded passwords. Hope to see you there. All other Crow websites are FRAUD and there are now at least 10 of them!


Title: 023 Free Masonry & the Encoding of Religion with Astronomy & the Sun (YT link) Uploaded by Crrow777.

Crow Podcast 23: Freemasonry, Encoding Religion With Astronomy – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 34 minutes. Previously, I passed on this and subsequent Crow podcasts, as I had grown tired of Crow’s great interest in numerology and of his method of pursuing specific rabbit trails without really expounding on the bigger picture. I like Crow as more of a news source than I do a source for learning about the occult in a random, non-linear way. Now that I am immersing myself into Mystery School teachings, I am going back to review some of his material, and hopefully to gain more insight from it, although I still don’t care much for the numerology aspects unless Crow can give us a way to use it against the Service To Self crowd.

Crow starts the show with, as usual, random numerology. He moves ahead to discussing how the Vatican has gone about in encoding Mystery School secrets within Christian dogma. Crow jumps around from statuary to symbolism to the calendar, which is fine if the listener is familiar with all of these concepts. Unfortunately, most people are not, and even then, Crow tends to head off into one direction with no clear reason why.

The best part of this podcast, I think, is that Crow correlates the twelve disciples of Jesus with the twelve months and signs of the zodiac. This idea is extremely important, although we probably don’t know the full extent of why this was done back in the era between say about 500 to 0 BCE, because that is part of the secrets that Rome has kept from the public ever since they started burning down libraries. The poignant part is that Christianity copied stories that came before it, such as how the Roman god Romulus had twelve disciples and how Hercules performed twelve labors, both of which also are at their core representations of the zodiac.

So Crow tells us what month Judas and Peter signify. Now that we know that, what are we supposed to do about it? Identifying this is only part of the revelation. Not taking it further to show how this occultism is being used against us, and how we can turn that around so we can do something about it, are what separates Crow from some of the more advanced researchers out there who are taking the next necessary steps.


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