United States: Post-Election – Are We Being Played For Fools?

Short answer, probably. Hildabeast would have started WWIII and collapsed the economy by force. Trump might do the same things with a smile on his face. Sorry, sheep, but that is the state of corrupt government in the US today. Excellent perspective by Jacob Israel here, and it does mirror what Steve Ben-nun from Israel News Live said a few posts ago.


YT description: I don’t usually upload more than once a week, but I really felt inspired to. I felt like I had to. I sure hope you don’t take this video the wrong way, instead I hope it inspires you to question everything, and to have cautious optimism.

Please do subscribe, share, and give voice to this topic. We need to come together not let differences tear us apart.

Title: IMPORTANT INFO: Have We Been Played For Fools? Buckle Up People (YT link) Uploaded by Jacob Israel.


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