Mandela Effect: Medical Professional On Human Anatomy, CPR

YT description: Madela Effect question posed by a medical professional. Any answers much appreciated. Peace!

Title: Mandela Effect: Medical Professional examines Human Anatomy,CPR (YT link) Uploaded by Jennifer Craig.

YT comments:

You are not alone! Thank you for the video. You are right, I am super confused by the current CPR too! – Eva Nie

I happen to have a REALLY off memory though! I took a CPR class more than a decade ago. I learned to apply the distance of two fingers to the left of the sternum. Then we were to do compressions just to the left of the sternum. Now that the heart is in a different location, it didn’t occur to me that the process I learned is all wrong now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and, no, you are not crazy! My 1st experience w/this effect was when my 12 year old daughter and I couldn’t agree on the location of a near miss car accident we both experienced together. We drove back to the scene with another family member and could not agree that our shared memory of this incident happened at the same intersection. My daughter had a specific set of details that backed up her perspective and so did I. – Danielle Johnson

The size and length and thickness of the sternum in this Orion Spur Earth is so much larger and stronger than in the Sagittarian Arm Earth. I believe this is the reason for the movement to below the sternum for compressions. The sternum and zyphoid process of the sternum in Sagittarian Arm we thinner and could actually be compressed ( and yes frequently broken during aggressive compressions.)  Thank you for sharing this, it is helpful to know there are health care providers that are also aware of these changes. NO you are NOT crazy, or misremembering. – Integrative Options

Ok, did some research on this. The current story line is that the chest compressions squeeze the veins and force blood along and it only goes one way because the heart has a one way valve structure. So now they are saying you don’t need to access the heart, just press on the veins. I actually was wondering about how CPR would work once i found out about the new ME body setup, so this answers that question. Here’s some info on it: . Leave it to the ME to have some kind of answer for every change sheesh! – Eva Nie

haven’t had CPR training since before 2010 (UK) – def recall being taught then to place hands ABOVE the bottom of sternum – compress ions and air. As they’ve strengthened and thickened the sternum perhaps that’s why they’ve changed it? I recall being taught that the sternum was flimsy and ribs would likely snap during compressions – even our doll made a loud cracking noise when compressed correctly. Also I recall that in 2012 (late in the year) I went through several weeks – to a few months of episodes of a severe chest pain at times. I was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia and apparently this could have been a symptom but then just about everything unexplained is! lol I wonder if this is when they were rearranging things. I have a degree in biology too and my memory seems to recall that the stomach would begin in the centre of the body whereas now the entrance is far left? And wasn’t the liver on the left hand side? – Melony Gallagher

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