Paul Begley: NSA Death Threats, CERN And Planet X

I’m sorry to hear that Anthony Patch is keeping a low profile again. I don’t like everything that guy says about the god of the Bible and CERN, but I like it even less that he’s been threatened and censored.


YT description: Politics, Planet X, Prophecy, Bank Holiday, World War 3, Presidential Elections and fear tactics from the alphabet agencies discussed with Pastor Paul Begley.

Title: Planet X, CERN, Alternative Media & Pastor Paul Begley = Visit from NSA – Hello No Such Agency (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.

Paul Begley: NSA Death Threat, CERN And Planet X – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 55 minutes. I like to have a broad selection of professional and religious opinions in the material I listen to, in addition to hearing the perspectives of people on the street or others who have some kind of insight into how things work. This helps me to better analyze and evaluate what is being presented. I don’t know everything, and I don’t think anybody else on this Earth does, and so why close myself off to what kinds of wisdom other people have gained in their lives? I do try to keep an open mind unless I feel that a certain individual is deliberately trying to steer the conversation or obfuscating facts to make their argument sound more favorable.

This is what I keep running into with mainstream religions. I have yet to discover a Muslim source that understands how the New World Order is manipulating his or her religion, or who can consistently admit that their religion is full of faults and needs a serious overhaul. This is the same with Christianity. I have found several Christian sources who are Awake to certain forms of corruption, but these sources largely fall into conniptions whenever I hold up a mirror to this dogma and show these followers where their religion came from, and how it got to be as widespread as it is today.

Previously, I enjoyed listening to Evangelist Anita Fuentes, because she did a lot of good reporting and added up the dots much better than other Christian channels did. However, she constantly berated Palestine while sweeping the many sins of Israel under the rug and propping that terrorist nation as being under god’s protection. There was a report once, where Fuentes made a huge deal about Palestinians going into some Jewish holy site and destroying olive trees. This happened only a few days after Israelis went into Palestine and set fire to a home, burning to death the family and the children that lived there. I looked for Fuentes to cover the Israeli atrocities, but she never did. Instead, she wanted to talk about olive trees over the loss of human lives.

Begley is a good guy. He often gets breaking news from his numerous sources, and many times I have seen where he’s on the ball hours and days before the lame-stream news catches up. That’s the kind of news that I want to listen to; breaking events before the controlled media puts their spin on them. I have run into some of Begley’s broadcasts where it also seems as if he’s touting Israel more positively than is actually warranted. As a result, I have had Fuentes and Begley on my Links page two times, and I have removed them both after one too many Israel propaganda pieces. I don’t think the term fair and balanced can apply when a proven terrorist state can ‘do no wrong.’

At this point, the only pro-Christian news source I can really trust is Israel News Live by Steven Ben-nun, which Begley mentions briefly during this interview. Ben-nun gets it; he can admit that Israel is at the heart of a lot of international problems, and he gets a lot of flack for presenting a truly honest point of view. Several times, I’ve seen Ben-nun go out there and report his news live, while Begley and Fuentes record their videos from a comfortable home office. The next time I cycle through my news links, I might add Begley’s channel again.

For you pro-Christians out there, you can also check out Youtube channels Freedom Fighter Times, which I removed from my Links for its Israel can do no wrong bias, and Steve Olson, who does the Planet X / Wormwood System Observatory (WSO) videos, and who I listen to all the time. Olson is a lot more tolerant and open-minded than a lot of other Christians, as he promotes the formation of survival groups for everybody, even for Wiccans, as long as people can work together and help each other in times of worldwide calamity. I also followed Round Saturn’s Eye for a time, but that guy started getting a little too fanatical for me, where his belief system was overriding his critical analysis of pop media. I really don’t care to watch Illuminati references in songs, movies and commercials over and over, because I know what some of those people do behind closed doors.

If you can recommend any honest pro-Christian YT channels, leave a comment below and I will go take a look at them.


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