Planet X: Blue Planet Recorded From ISS – Is This A Lens Flare?

The Youtube comments are mostly negative, saying this is your normal, everyday lens flare. I don’t like the way it moves in accordance with the sun, like the true lens flares on the right side are doing. Still, this guys makes a good point when the ISS camera zooms in on the anomaly. Would they have done that for a reflection? Anyway, the Fresnel lens / artificial sun / white sun cannot be debunked, even if this isn’t a true sighting. Add in how the government has been prepping for space disaster, martial law and civil unrest, and the shills become all the more obvious.


YT description: This video footage was sent in by one of our subscribers clearly showing the International Space Station video taping the sun simulator and the blue planet that we’ve been seeing in our skies for weeks now. At one point in the video whoever is operating the video camera sees the blue planet and zooms all the way in.

Title: NIBIRU 🌎 PLANET X 🔴 THE BLUE PLANET VIDEOTAPED FROM THE I S S (YT link) Uploaded by Nibiru Planet X 2016.


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