Greece: Massive Protests Against Piece Of Shit Obama, 11/15/16

A gracious loser would have stayed on his home turf and tried to calm the riots in his own country. Instead, this chickenshit has shown his true colors by fleeing to a foreign country. Nobody wants this punk in their country, as China, the Philippines, Russia and now Greece are telling him to pound sand. Fuck you, Obama, fuck you very much.



YT description:…


With the slogan “Obama is not wanted in Greece” trade unions, anti-authoritarians, leftist and student organizations and political parties like the Communist KKE and the Grexit-supporters Popular Unity (LAE) and ANTARSY gathered in Omonoia Square and outside the Athens University and the Polytechnic School to demonstrate against “imperialist wars,” the NATO, the European Union, the IMF and the Euro.

Present at the protest is also the general secretary of KKE Dimitris Koutsoumpas, and LAE chairman, an ex SYRIZA minister who left the governing party after the government signed for the 3. bailout agreement…..( read the article for all they are saying.)

Title: MASSIVE PROTEST IN GREECE AGAINST OBAMA (YT link) Uploaded by Linda Kirby.


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