Greece: Protesters Vs Thug Cops Over Scumbag Obama Visit, 11/15

I guess the Coward In Charge is over there telling Greece what to do, after the US kicked him the fuck out. Good luck on getting that post at the United Nations, bitch. If there is any justice in this world, the Bomber Of Nations and the Hildabeast will be tried for war crimes.


YT description: Hundreds of citizens in the Greek capital marched to the US Embassy to protest US President Barack Obama’s visit to the city. He is the first US president to visit Greece since 1999, when severe rioting greeted the arrival of Bill Clinton.

YT comment: Greek hate him for supporting Saudi Jihadists in Syria and Flooding Greece with refugees. – America First

Title: LIVE: Greeks protest Obama’s visit to Athens (YT link) Uploaded by RT.


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